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Mcdonalds Swot Essay

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McDonald’s SWOT Analysis

McDonald’s is the world’s leading global food service retailer with over 36,000 locations scattered across the globe. McDonald’s has been serving hamburgers since 1955. They gave us the McNugget, Egg McMuffin, Big Mac, McRib and the Filet-o-Fish. They serve these tasty treats to over 69 million customers a day. Their customer profile is from “Cradle to Grave”. In 2014 their consolidated statement of income showed they had $6,987.1 million in revenues. McDonald’s employees nearly 2 million people while fighting to stay on top of the fast food industry. Their main competition comes from Burger King Inc., Yum! Brands Inc., Subway and Wendy’s ...view middle of the document...

However with the trends of technology, healthier eating and environmental concerns, McDonald’s might want to start considering changing some things up.
First I recommend McDonald’s should consider using technology to attract millennials. Online ordering has really impacted the fast food industry. Of the largest 326 fast food chains more than 23% of them offer online ordering and many restaurants have experienced an increase in sales (2011). For those wanting to avoid the lunch time drive thru lines, customers can make online orders to pick up in the restaurant. Perhaps another use of technology could be using QR Readers. For a small fee customers who frequent McDonald’s regularly with a regular order could purchase stickers online with a QR code that they can place on their car door. A camera at the drive thru could read it and the cashier can ask if they would like to use their “McPass” or not. If so the cashier pushes a button they give them their total and they pull ahead. Their “McPass”, QR sticker, can be as personalized as they want it. This could make taking orders faster and more efficient.
Second recommendation would be for McDonald’s to introduce healthier menu options. Perhaps gluten free meals for those allergic to gluten or a carb free meal for diabetics. A healthier breakfast option could be a low carb, low calorie protein shake. They could use the equipment they already have for McCafe. If they really wanted they could test a new McDonald’s brand restaurant. Restaurants that serve burgers with fresher meats that have no preservatives and organic toppings. It won’t be as fast as a regular McDonald’s however the taste and quality would be better. It could be an up scaled McDonald’s with higher prices and better for you food. While this could bring in new revenue it could also help reduce the growing obesity epidemic. A study done by the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that if the government took firmer actions, they could start to prevent people becoming overweight and obese conditions with serious long-term consequences such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer (2014). By taking step in this direction on their own McDonald’s could be ready for any changes in government regulations.
Another recommendation would be for McDonald’s to start greening their image. For starters stop using Styrofoam cups. Start using recycled plastic for cups and look into using cleaner energy sources perhaps solar panels to help power the restaurants. Better yet make all the packaging of their food recyclable. Imagine not a single packaging item from McDonald’s being sent to a land fill but to a recycling plant. Instead of trash bins at the restaurant there would be recycling bins. In 2009 Western Michigan University teamed up with Global...

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