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Mcdonald's India Essay

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Referring to the case study, there are gaps identified in the Kline & Associate international human resources management practices in terms of expatiate management. Before sending an employee to an international assignment there are certain skills an employee must acquire and it is the duty for the HRM of the firm to prepare the employee for any international assignment. However this was not done by Kline & and Associate before sending Fred Bailey to Tokyo which caused the culture shock and the challenges faced by Fred and his family in Japan. Firms use a variety of HR practices to manage their expatriates (Mendenhall et al., 1987; ...view middle of the document...

The Process of Managing Expatriates
It is very important to develop a basic framework for the discussion of how to manage expatriates on global or international assignments use people management to effectively move and manage people in global assignments (Black et al. 1999). They identify a Global Assignment Success cycle to conceptualize the term people management through. They view people management as a set of activities instead of a function of a specific department. This means that each activity builds upon the others as the process becomes an integrated package. They identify five generic functions of managing people: Recruiting/selecting (getting the right people), training (helping people to do the right thing), appraising (determining how people are doing), and rewarding (encouraging the right things that people do), and developing (doing things right for people). This is more or less in line with most other researchers who identify at least four stages; selection, training (and development), adjustment and repatriation (Konopaske & Ivancevich, 2004; Forster, 2000). Some researchers extend this and also include other stages such as compensation, appraisal, and retaining (Harvey & Moeller, 2009; Dowling & Welch, 2005; Briscoe, Schuler, & Claus, 2009). No matter how many specific phases the process is divided into the process of managing and supporting expatriates on international assignments can be divided into three broader phases; before the assignment, during the assignment and after the assignment. The phase before the assignment would usually contain identification, selection, training and development, and compensation. The argument for putting compensation in the phase before the assignment is that it is typically agreed upon before the expatriate go on the assignment. During the assignment stages such as adjustment, integration, appraisal and rewarding are important while focus after the assignment should be on repatriation and retaining. Therefore Kline &Associate have to go through these stages such as selection and recruitment and pre-departure training which are very important before sending Fred and his family for a long period of assignment. These stages are chosen since it seems like they have the highest impact on the success or failure of the process.
Before the Assignment
This phase contains selection and training of the expatriate. The time before the assignment can vary, sometimes the international assignment arises because of problems that have to be fixed quickly, other times it is a process that expands over several months or years such as the case of and Kline and Associate sending Fred Bailey for three years assignment in Japan which culture is totally different from U.S. No matter how long the time horizon is the company should pay attention to the selection and training stages in the process of managing expatriates.

Selection and recruitment
Some international assignments arise...

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