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Mcdonald's Case Study

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Assignment # 1: McDonald’s Case Study
June N. Lewis
Dr. Waldo, Instructor
Talent Management - HRM 532
Strayer University
July 21, 2013

Assignment #1: McDonald’s Case Study
Outline the talent management program that led to success for the company.
In the fourth quarter in 2002, McDonald’s had their first profit lost and the company began to ask themselves what went wrong because they had a history of outstanding performances until then. Upon reviewing some of their key components, the organization realized that they had to revamp their Talent Management process so that it would become aligned with the company’s business objectives and policies. Talent management is defined as “a ...view middle of the document...

The “LAMP” program was designed to create innovative ideas to change participants thought pattern and to incorporate a global approach in becoming effective at retaining top talent. Its focused was on developing high potential talent in becoming future leaders and to improve performance to acquire accelerated business results. The goal here was to broaden the competency and readiness or prospective successors for important leadership positions, decreasing time required for newly promoted officers and obtaining more quicker results, thus becoming more effective at developing and retaining top talent; and last, continuing to improve the diversity profile at the officer’s level. McDonald’s Leadership Institute and the launch of the Global Leadership Development Program were the last steps in being success for the company according to Goldsmith and Carter (2010). The primary goal of the Leadership Institute was developed to be viewed as a superior leadership institute used as an online resource center that focused on Director level employees of the company, which provided special development support, learning seminars and development training. The Global Leadership Development Program was started to prepare applicants for a more in-depth overview of leadership duties and to give individual contributors a wider base of networked peers.
Identify strengths of the program and how they led to goal accomplishment.
A strength this company achieved was in the changing of their culture of privilege by the implementation of the new performance development system and because of this, creativity and new ideas was allowed along with amplified performance. The difference in evaluating employees now allowed the top twenty percent of the performers to be rewarded for their contribution to the company. The “PDS” became an effective tool because unlike the previous rating system, this tool placed more emphasis on accountability for success across the board, increased performance variation, and embraced sincerity to change and innovation. The newly formed talent review process created “more cross-organizational movement that has resulted in better selections and also more developmental opportunities for those moving to these assignments,” (Goldsmith & Carter, 2010). Second strength for McDonald’s success, was the combination of “LAMP”, McDonald’s Leadership Institute, and the Global Leadership Development Program which all helped the organization into molding its high potential employees for all key position globally. The changes to the talent management program also improved the overall diversity and strength within the leadership groups and it also broadened the pool of high-potential candidates that were equipped for key positions. One more strength of the program help McDonald’s retain their high potential performers and noted in December 2008, McDonald’s had “sixty-five consecutive months of positive comparable sales-the longest run in McDonald’s...

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