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Mccarthyism Essay

1816 words - 8 pages

The Connection
Kathleen Orozco

P. Sepesi
English 3.1
December 5, 2011

I. Introduction

II. America in the 1600’s
A. Puritanism
B. Salem Witch Trials

III. America in the 1950’s
A. Communism
B. Joseph McCarthy

IV. McCarthyism
A. McCarthy Trials (HUAC)
B. Blacklisting
C. Elia Kazan
D. Arthur Miller

V. The Crucible
A. The Summary
B. The theme

VI. The Allegory
A. Danforth and the HUAC
B. Danforth and Joseph McCarthy
C. Elia Kazan and Abigail Williams

VII. The conclusion

The Connection
The Crucible written by Arthur Miller has a symbolic meaning. It is an allegory, “a story in which people, things, and events have a symbolic meaning, often ...view middle of the document...

Because of this it caused harm to many innocent people in the community of Salem.
In the 1950’s communism came about and it was similar to the events of the witch hunts in a way that both of these situations were based on accusations that could not be proven. “…the Red Scare had returned, with Americans fearing communist subversion.” (Kendrix 1). They were all afraid of being accused of communism that some people just started being selfish and pointed the finger at other innocent people. In a court there should be proof or evidence and just because someone makes an accusation doesn’t make it true. History was repeating itself all over again.
Joseph McCarthy was the one that started all the madness over the communist taking over our government. “…he won lasting notoriety by charging that the U.S. State Department had been infiltrated by Communists” (Boman 1). He wasn’t really well known at that time sure he was a senate and all but no one really paid much attention to him. When he started talking about communism there was wide spread panic and from then on people knew who he was. Because of him America experienced one of the most shameful times in history.
The HUAC or House Un-American Activities Committee was established to help the situation that was causing chaos all over. The HUAC was trying everything to get all of the alleged Communists (Olson 2). They were using many methods to try to get to the bottom of the problem. They used fear to get to the people among other diverse methods. They were doing all of this with the intention of helping the situation but they were wrong because this caused more problems that ruined many lives.
A blacklist was a list full of names of people that were said to be alleged communist, and the people that were most affected by this were Hollywood stars. Because of the list “…about 250 people from the movie industry had been “blacklisted” as Communists; many never worked in Hollywood again” (Olson 2). Some were blacklisted because they refused to cooperate and others caved in to the pressure and ratted out innocent people to save themselves. They had lost their job, their source of income, and they lost what they loved to do. Their lives were ruined because of some list that claimed they were something where in reality there was no way of knowing if it was real or not.
One of the people that was said to be a traitor was Elia Kazan because he thought only of himself and not about the people that were going to be affected by his false accusations. “He offers up a defense excuse that work was all that mattered and without work, that sense of belonging he was nothing”, he saved himself by ruining other people’s lives (Blanchard 1). He feared the blacklist and feared not working because that was something that he loved to do. He was all about work and he wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of that. Unlike Kazan many others that were blacklisted didn’t cave in to pressure because they said...

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