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Mba Essay

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I used to play soccer for a club,just for recreational purposes,in fact i was one of the cofounders
of the team. The team we assembled was a mixture of young and old, and for
this reason we were the laughing stock of the league, because all other teams were
made up solely of young players, who were exceptionally talented.
The team ended up on the wrong side of the score for the first few games we played,
and got nicknamed the “whopping boys”.
Eventually we grew tired of the nickname and of our performances on the field, and we
decided to try and improve things, first thing we did was to elect a leader for the club.
Even though i didnʼt want the job, i was voted into the position, and ...view middle of the document...

There was
something about us, we werenʼt the best team around, in terms of playerʼs abilities, but
yet we were the ones that everyone wanted to beat, everyone loved to talk about.
There was a tournament that we participated in, and as always no one expected us to
make it past the first round, we surprised everyone when we made it past the first
round, in fact we played so well that we made it all the way to the final. Unfortunately i
had to travel with my mother the day of the final,it was extremely painful having to miss
the game, because i felt like all the hard work we had put led us to that point, while i
was on my way to the airport, i was constantly calling people that were at the
stadium,trying to communicate with the players. They played really well, but they did
something which is somewhat controversial, they walked out of the ground, when a
penalty was given against us in the final minutes of the game, when it was all tied up,
now everyone around seemed to agree with them,that the foul didnʼt merit...

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