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Maximum Security Essay

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1. What do you think of Apex’s training process? Could it help to explain why employees “do things their way” and if so, how? 

I think the training process at Apex has no organizational effectiveness. It’s unstructured, and there is no training documentation which makes the entire training process weak. It appears the employee does things their way because the company clearly does not have in place a structured training process. The employee assigned to perform training is ...view middle of the document...

The employee must know what an employer wants them to do and how they want them to do it. If the employee is left not knowing, then he/she is left to improvise or teach other employees "their way" of accomplishing tasks. There are no outcome measures to determine if the training was successful. 

2. What role should job descriptions play in training at Apex?

The job description should play a pertinent role in training at Apex because the job description defines the learning requirements for a new or transitioning employee while also setting the boundaries of employment in terms of required knowledge and skills. By understanding the job description, a trainer can utilize the information it provides to write job descriptions and job specifications, which are utilized in recruitment and selection, compensation, performance appraisal, and training. Not only the trainee, but also the trainer can define the learning requirements for new or transitioning employees by understanding the job description.

3. Explain in detail what you would do to improve the training process at Apex. Make sure to provide specific suggestions, please.

I would improve the training process at Apex by starting with the performance management approach because this approach ensures that the training effort will make sense in terms of...

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