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Mathematics Essay

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How to Succeed in Mathematics:
A Step-by-step Guide

The First Day:
1. Go to class.
2. Get the names, e-mail, and phone numbers of at least 3 classmates whom you can call for information.
3. Get a copy of the syllabus. Read and understand it.
4. Find the instructor's office. This will save you time later on.
5. Find any tutoring or lab facilities that the instructor might mention. This will also save you time later. There is free tutoring in DH 143.
6. Ask about any policies of particular concern to you (attendance policies, late work, etc.). Do not ask questions which are answered in the syllabus.
Every Day:
1. Go to class. Stay awake.
2. Make sure to sign or initial the ...view middle of the document...

Write down any questions you might have from the presentation in the text.
11. Close the text and read your notes. See if things are clearer.
12. Now open the text while leaving your notes open. Correlate each point in the text with the same point in your notes, so far as this is possible. If this answers your questions from the read-through of the text, write down the answers on you list of questions. NOTE THAT WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED THE HOMEWORK YET.
13. Take any unsolved questions about material you don't understand to a classmate. Talk to your classmates about the material.
14. If this doesn't help, take the material to a campus resource, like the Math Learning Center – DH 143.
15. If this doesn't help, see your instructor during her office hours, or ask questions during the next class after that day's material has been covered.
16. NOW, do the assigned homework. If you have questions about the homework, first try to solve the problem yourself, by referring to the text and your notes. If this doesn't work, repeat steps 13. -15. replacing the word "material," with the word "homework." Make a list of the problems you can't solve, after you have tried EVERYTHING (this is the list referred to in 7).
17. Finally, read from the text the assigned sections that will be covered the next session in class. This means that, if you never refer to the text or your notes during the homework phase, you will be exposed to the material no less than seven times through the cycle (3 reading the text, once hearing the lecture, once writing the notes, twice reading the notes). Studies have shown that it generally takes most people at least this much exposure to internalize new material. Make preliminary notes while you read about the parts you don’t understand. Pay special attention...

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