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Material For Lg Teaching Essay

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1. Pick each of the statement below and put it in the correct column. The first 2 statement have been done as an example:
A. Teacher development | B. Learner autonomy |
If there is sufficient time in the course, teachers have relevance supplementary material available and can choose which is appropriate for their students. | If there is sufficient time in the course, students have relevance supplementary material available and can choose which is appropriate for themselves. |
| |
| |
| |
| |

1. If there is some time left (unexpectedly) at the end of the lesson, teachers can decide which of the “Choices” it would be appropriate for their ...view middle of the document...

Ex: A: Who was Albert Einstein?
B: He was a scientist.
(or I don’t know. Who was he?)

2. Pair work: with your partner, write five pairs of people from history.
Ex: F. Kennedy and Ferdinand Marcos (two presidents)…..
Figure 1:

Extra vocab: scientist president king queen queen artist writer
3. Pair work: take turns asking and answering about famous people from history.
Ex: A: Who was Albert Einstein?
B: He was a scientist.
(or I don’t know. Who was he?)

4. Pair work: with your partner, write five pairs of people from history.
Ex: F. Kennedy and Ferdinand Marcos (two presidents)…..
Figure 3:

1. Circle the vowel sound that is different
a. One cut go love
b. Does run come go
c. Where were hair pair
d. Friend clean street see
e. Say eye great rain
Figure 3:

2. Circle the vowel sound that is different
f. One cut go love
g. Does run come go
h. Where were hair pair
i. Friend clean street see
j. Say eye great rain
Figure 4:

What is your name? What do people call you? In your country, what titles do people use for men, women and children, and for teacher and for the boss at work?
Figure 4:

What is your name? What do people call you? In your country, what titles do people use for men, women and...

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