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Master Of Management Essay

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|Culture Analysis |

Analysis Objective
|According to Eric, Van den Steen (1990), a corporate culture is the sense of shared beliefs and values, through screening, self sorting and manager-directed |
|joint learning. In order to understand the organization culture of KMB, we will identify the values and assumptions share among member of KMB. The culture |
|artefact and shared value demonstrated the belief of former and top management toward to the organizational goals and it gave a guideline to the employees’ |
|belief, behavior and shared ...view middle of the document...

The KMB belief |
| |gives a significant influence for their working attitude and behavior of providing a wonderful customer service. |
| |In addition, the “way to success” of KMB is strongly embedded into head and mind of the staff, it provided a |
| |guideline and direction for employee “what to do” and “how to behave”. |
Physical structures & Symbols
|KMB’s innovation on physical structure : octopus system, smartphone app, cyber bus stop, and electronic bus stop announcement system, which all aimed to |
|provide convenient service; “Travelling Hand in Hand" television commercial, and the priority seats reduces 10% of elderly accident rate on bus, which all |
|aimed to increase the safety when travelling with KMB; quality energy saving air-conditioning system, tire recycling-60% of the bus tires that are in use |
|are retreaded tires, and water management systems recycle the 1,200,000 liters of water every day for cleaning bus fleet. |
|[pic][pic][pic][pic] |
|[pic][pic][pic] |

Rituals & Ceremonies
|KMB operate a training programme at Sha Tin Depot for new and existing bus captains with comprehensive training and improvement courses , includes safety |
|theory lessons, “Eco-driving”, and as well as customer service. “Eco-driving” will simulate the real-world driving environments and vehicle behaviors to |
|improve driving performance and response to different situations. |
|KMB participate in social service, environmental protection and civic education, because KMB want to educate its employee that KMB is a customer-friendly and|
|environment-concern company. Therefore KMB established a voluntary club, FRIENDS OF KMB, which encourage employee participate simple civic duties and charity|
|activities. For example, the Corporate Challenge Half Marathon, New Territories Walk for Millions, Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards, Hong Kong Management |
|Association Quality Award, and Volunteer Movement of the Social Welfare Department. visiting children's homes & elderly centers, and participating in charity|
|walks & environmental protection. |
|Identifying Visible Artefacts with the cultural iceberg, we can readily discern that KMB has 8 core values |
|Caring Customer ...

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