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Master Of Business Administration Essay

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As a student of Mandalay MBA program, I would like to thank all those who have been contributing the existence and success of the program. The first ones I have to give my special respect and thanks are Professor DawKyiKyiSwe, the program director and my teachers from Economic Universities who come and teach us even in their weekends.
After that, I would like to thank Mr. Richard Mayhaw, General Manager of Mandalay Hill Resort, for allowing me to complete my MBA internship program. Also, I have to pay my special thanks to U Bo, Human Resource Manager, for reporting my application for internship to GM and scheduling for my internship. Finally, I have to thank managers ...view middle of the document...

Type of building - 10 storied RC building

Type of rooms
1. Superior x96
2. Deluxe x78
3. Corner Suitex18
4. Junior Suite x8
5. Executive Suite x5
6. Mandalar Villa x2
7. Mandalar Suite x1

Total rooms = 208

Restaurants & Lounges
1. Kinsana Garden Theater
2. Kipling Lounge
3. Mings Chinese Restaurant
4. Yadanabon Café

Total employees = 350 to 400

Turnover rate = 5 pax average per month

Hotel Facilities

Accommodation Features
* IDD telephone
* Bedside electronic command center
* Individually controlled air-conditioning
* Security key card lock
* Mini-bar
* Hairdryer
* Radio/remote control color TV/ cable TV
* Room safe

Recreation Facilities
* Mandalar spa for traditional message, facial and body treatment and reflexology
* Outdoor swimming pool with poolside bar and children’s pool
* 18-hole golf course and driving range adjacent to the hotel
* Tennis courts
* Health club with equipped gymnasium

Restaurants and Bars
* Yadanabon Café (Buffet) + Main Bar
* Ming’s Chinese Restaurant + C/R Bar
* Kipling’s Lobby Lounge Beverages/ entertainment
* Poolside
* Kinsana Garden Theatre Restaurant (Seasonal) + Tivaratee Bar
* Banquets and Executive Lounge

Guest Facilities
* 24-hour reception
* Shops
* Tour and airline ticketing desk
* Air-conditioned van, 4WD or car on hire for sight-seeing
* Fully equipped business centre
* Laundry and valet
* Airport shuttle
* Room service

Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel

Swimming Pool Gymnasium

Hotel Rooms

1. Superior (x96) (USS 170++, 200++)

2. Deluxe (x78) (USS 230++, 250++)

3. Corner Suite (x18) (USS 300++, 300++)

4. Junior Suite (x8) (USS 400++, 400++)

5. Executive Suite (x5) (USS 500++, 500++)

6. Mandalar Spa Villa (x2) (USS 1200++, 1200++)

7. Presedential Suite (x1) (USS 1500++, 1500++)

Organization Chart of Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel

LP Holding Co.,Ltd

Managing Director


General Manager

HR Finance F & B Kitchen FO HKEngineering Laundry
Dept: Dept: Dept: Dept: Dept:Dept: Dept: Dept:

HR = Human Resource FO = Front Office
F & B = Food & Beverage HK = House Keeping

Food and Beverage Department

Main Responsibility of Hotel Departments

Human Resource Department
* Staff recruitment, selection and placement
* Staff administration
* Staff relation
* Staff motivation
* Staff disciplinary control

Front Office Department
* Hotel booking/ reservation
* Payment/ cash
* Reception
* Bell service
* Operator

Food and Beverage Department
* Planning and preparation of international standard food...

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