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1. The key problem in the Lab Central Receiving Area at Massachusetts Medical Center is poor specimen turnaround in the CRA. Delaying STAT tests can impair the care of sick patients also, it can cause specimen spoilage and the specimen will have to be recollected.

2. Average Daily Demand Formula = Add up all of the totals and divide by 7 days a week
ADD = 672 specimen + 1322 specimen + 1622 specimen + 1639 specimen + 1582 specimen + 1519 specimen + 683 specimen = 9,039 specimen DIVIDED BY 7 Days a week = 1,291.29 specimen per day

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Depending on what kind of specimen test they are undergoing determines which process of the two they will be put through.
B. As shown above the all specimens are unwrapped, and then they undergo which ever process they are being tested under. For each of the two processes after the unwrapping they are typed up and then labeled.
C. After the process at the LCRA is complete the specimens are delivered to the lab.

5. The bottlenecking occurs in the CRA in the typing processes. It takes a much longer time for the typing process to be complete. With a more efficient typing process this may not be as much of an issue. Also, when specimens are untouched for long periods of time. This is because leaving them untouched for a long time spoils them and then new specimens need to be taken in order to accurately diagnose the patient.

6. Capacity = Time Available divided by Cycle Time
3,600 seconds per hour DIVIDED BY 32 seconds per specimen = 112.5 specimen per hour

7. Capacity Utilization = (Capacity times Cycle Time) divided by capacity available

 UNWRAPPING = (112.5) (4) DIVDED BY 3,600 = 0.125 or 12.5%

 TYPING = (112.5) (32) DIVIDED BY 3,600 = 1 or 100%

 LABELING = (112.5) (10) DIVIDED BY 3,600 = 0.3125 or 31.25%

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