Mass Marketing Is Diminishing Essay

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Mass Marketing is Diminishing
Some claim that mass marketing will always exist for the large brands that target the mass market. Others claim that mass marketing is becoming less significant. I believe mass marketing is becoming less significant due to advancements in technology and the impact of cultural diversity. I will describe why I think these two major factors are eliminating mass marketing along with what I believe the future holds for mass marketing.
Advancements in Technology
Technology has evolved over the years from the Internet to smartphones to social media and is now a part of our everyday lives. In addition, with technological advancements companies now have more than ...view middle of the document...

Marketing efforts need to be adjusted to appeal to social media users. Tan (2013) identified, “According to the latest research by GlobalWebIndex, people are now spending more time on the Internet and social media than traditional media such as the TV and the print” (Consumer Behavior Evolves section, para. 2). With more people on the Internet and social media, companies need to ensure marketing efforts reach these consumers. Also, companies are able to take advantage of the demographic information from these social media sites to target consumers specifically. Therefore, I believe as the traditional media is decreasing so is the use of mass marketing.
As Internet and social media usage increases consumers now more than ever are being bombarded with tons of marketing messages. I believe marketing efforts need to be relevant for consumers to even recognize or remember the message because consumers ignore unwanted marketing messages. According to Clay (2010):
Fueled by the Internet, broadband, sophisticated online search, social media, Wi-Fi and smartphones, we’ve now entered an age of mass empowerment, where your buyers, are in the driving seat. In today’s age of mass empowerment your buyers decide for themselves who they’re willing to listen to; speak to; or believe. (We’re now in age of mass empowerment section, para. 1)
Customer Databases
I like to be treated as an individual and on a personal level and believe most customers like to be treated the same. Companies are beginning to operate with the mentality no two customers are identical. According to Palumbo (2013), “When companies accept that they must connect with their consumers at an honest and more human level, in an engaging and entertaining fashion, they will create a relationship with those consumers that will last longer and drive both loyalty and sales” (Evolve or Fade section, para. 1).
Technology makes this possible as companies are able to maintain database software of their customers. Companies can now keep customer databases to collect information about individual customers such as past purchases, birthdays, interests, etc. The company is able to extract the useful information about individuals and segments from the mass of data allowing companies to customize their marketing offers.
For example, I frequently shop at Victoria Secret and every year I receive a $10 gift card in the mail for my birthday which attracts me to the store for the month. This increases my relationship with the company and the company retains me as a customer. In addition, companies can personalize emails to customers to appeal to their specific needs. The customers are more likely to respond...

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