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Mass General Hospital Essay

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Massachusetts General Hospital works to provide care in all corners of the world, locally, nationally and globally. The organization accomplishes this feat by partnering with underserved communities to improve and maintain health care services and build healthier communities. MGH prides itself in being able to provide world-class patient care, conducts the largest hospital-based research program in the US, places an emphasis on teaching, and bases its approach to safety and quality on effectiveness, patient centeredness, timeliness, efficiency and equity. The company is guided by the needs patients and their families. (MGH, 2012)

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The leaders must understand the limits of its tangible and intangible resources and figure out what it does and can do better than other organizations. The next step in creating a marketing strategy is for the organization to identify who its customers are. This is simply achieved by asking who the customers are, where are they located, and what are their characteristics. The third step in the utilization strategy is for the leaders to come up with a set of coordinated activities to design, produce, market, deliver, and support the products and services the firm is proposing. (Kotler, Shalowitz, Stevens 2008). Goals are set after the value is proposed. These goals must be clearly defined, measureable, prioritized, and must include a timeframe for them to be complete. The firm can begin to draft a strategy after they have defined their business, identified their target customers, proposed value, and set goals.
In order to draft a strategy the organization must assess the environment, implement the strategy, evaluate it, and reassess the strategy if changes are needed.

Regardless of the ways a company selects to market its products or services, once the decision is made, the firm must develop two separate marketing strategies. First the organization needs a strategy that will direct its goals. The second strategy has to do with developing a marketing program that is tailored to the market that it is targeting. MGH has come up with unique strategies for marketing its products. It markets a single product to the community where it is active, the firm adapts its other products and services to reflect other markets in the area, and it changes products and services to suit individual needs. Marketing is done through various outlets. The organization uses the media to emphasize its core values. Doctors and specialist employed by the firm have or are guest of radio shows, and practices direct to consumer advertising. Not also does MGH reach out to consumers directly through radio spots, the organization places advertisements on top of taxi cabs, buses, trains, the “T”, and at Boston Logan International Airport. Marketing to patients is only one part of MGH’s strategy. The company also markets to Doctors, researchers, and educators. According to James H. Thrall, MD, chief radiologist at Massachusetts...

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