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Markup Essay

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Ad-o-holic is an annual marketing and advertising extravaganza orchestrated by MarkUp (the official marketing club of IMT Ghaziabad). It is an
inter B-school marketing event and focuses on promotion strategies thereby
challenging contestants to come up with innovative communication decisions. The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for budding advertisers to showcase their creativity and ingenuity. Ad-o-holic is the predecessor event to Marketing World Cup, the biggest b-school marketing event in
Ad-o-holic‘11 carries the practical case of TV show promotion. The participants will be formulating promotion strategies for three shows, each belonging to ...view middle of the document...

Whereas HPCL and DSCL collaborating is a clear example of co -marketing to cut
costs. So, dive into the depths of co-marketing as you read diverse views on this trend.
We have an impressive article on an intriguing technology Foursquare in our new section Mark-efeeds: Happenings & Trends, some incredible views on the topic ―Sachin‘s 100th ton in a losing
match – how will marketers perceive this?‖ in our WOW section as well as a brief overview of the
lecture delivered at IMT, Ghaziabad by the widely recognized thought leader Mohanbir Sawhney.
The edition offers a sneak peek into the current offering by MarkUp, Ad-o-holic - an advertising
event with a difference and covers the highly successful inaugural event of the academic year 2011 12, Mark Roadies 4.0.
We thank all of you for your wonderful response and hope to see the same enthusiasm and participation in all our future endeavors.
We look forward to your valuable suggestions, feedback and any queries. Do mail us at
Sit back and enjoy this edition.


Co-marketing: Cost Collaboration or Smart Strategy….4
Tussle between cost collaboration and smart strategy..6
Scratching backs to remedy a mutual pitch……………….8
Mark-e-feeds: Happenings & Trends…………………………9
Mohanbir Sawhney @IMT..10
Markezine Team
Mark Roadies 4.0……………12
WOW—words on wall…….14 Editor—Nilesh Surana
Content Development—
Ankit Gupta, Prachi Agarwal
Cover Design—Varun Singh

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Co-marketing is an effective way to take advantage of existing distribution networks and a partner's knowledge of local markets. To ensure healthy collaboration both partners must get mutual benefit, by improving brand image or profit
sharing or cost cutting. The latest co-marketing strategy employed by various
brands includes green marketing and innovative collaboration by power supplier.

COST COLLABORATION:Collaboration between Nirma detergent and Sintex
tanks: To save on costs, the empty Sintex tanks were
filled with Nirma detergent packets and transported. Nirma thus was able to
capitalize on delivery channel of Sintex and in return the logistics costs were
shared between the two.



It is the first charging station for electric vehicles (EVs) in Stockholm by McDonald’s and Swedish electricity supplier Elforsk.
While eating a menu at a McDonald’s Restaurant one can recharge his/her car’s battery.
With rise in EV within the next years a great market potential
exists for this co-operation approach which is bound to have a
strong customer recall and “green” brand positioning.
McDonald’s characterizes this project as its own small contribution to a more sustainable mobility in turn building brand
image of McDonald’s as “green”, sustainable and responsible.


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