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Marketng Research Essay

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Pengyu Cheng
Marketing Research K1 Thursday Morning
Assignment 1
Part 1 – Develop Advertising Copy

The advertising copy I design for Scope is “Whisper a sweet breath”. This slogan will appear as text of a print, which will show on the package of mouthwash bottle. The reasons I use “Whisper a sweet breath” are as follow:
First of all, this campaign matches the characteristics of Scope product. Since Scope wants to specifically target refreshment segment, which customers in this segment want to refresh mouth only because they do not suffer oral disease. In terms of functionality, I have to emphasize refresh breath rather than therapeutic. And obviously, whisper a sweet ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, it clearly delivers the refreshment benefit to customers. , I think overall “whisper a sweet breath” sounds very appealing to customers. In order to eventually push customers to make the purchase, you need to stop their feet when they glance at the product in one second or two. This advertising copy helps customers recognize their problem at the first stage, and then shows the result of using this product to customers once they involve in it.
Thirdly, the advertising copy matches the positioning of Scope mouth wash liquid. Scope mouthwash liquid is a product that supposed to bring good breath. It’s a product helps people raise their confidence. Differing from competitors, Scope mouthwash liquid is positioned as premium product at higher price. Whisper and sweet, I think somehow these two words are associates with premium, high end products. Customers will perceive sweet and whisper as a product that will bring pleasure and joy. Fifthly, the advertising copy is designed to specific target Scope’s target customers. In my analysis, I think the target customers are highly socialized. Because of this, I intend to breed conviction with people who are highly socialized. “Whisper
a sweet breath” posse a sense of picture, which creates romantic and enjoyable atmosphere. What’s more, the age of most of mouthwash liquid buyers is between 20 to 34. Theoretically, these people tend to be more socialized because they approach people more frequent than others.
Overall, based on the reasons I gave above, I think “whisper a sweet breath” can be a good advertising copy for Scope.

Part II – Plans and Discussion Guidelines of Conducting Focus Group

The Execution Plan:
Location: Cabin in a resort that locates in national park. I choose cabin house as the physical environment to conduct the focus group interview because I think the cabin house in a national park resort is comfortable, no threating, quiet and relaxing.
Time: Holiday vacation. Considering the incentive of participants, I think we should create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, which improves the accuracy of research. Having the research executed in vacation time, so participants won’t resist in-depth interview.
Format: Panel discussion. However, I will display all the mouthwash liquid products that selling on the market at the center. In that way, customers can interact our products and competitors’ product.
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes. This is just an estimated time frame. As long as the quality of responses we get do not get down, the interview can continue.
Participants: 8 participants, ages from 18 to 34. 4 females and 5 males. Middle and upper class. The purpose here is making all participants feel comfortable. So I tried to find a group of people who are slimier. Ideally, participants should be similar...

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