Marketing Week 4 Course Project Essay

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Executive Summary (this is written last and is usually one page long)
A. Introduction
B. IMC Objectives (Quantify)
Identify the brand and the principle objectives of the campaign and quantify where possible:
• Attract new customers
• Retain existing customers
• Branding objectives
• Marketing and corporate objectives

C. Market Analysis
A detailed analysis will provide the specific details for decision-making:
b) Segmentation and Targeting
c) Positioning
d) Product/Service
e) Customer Profile
f) Marketing Channels

D. Communications Strategy Plans
Listed here are the typical options available that form the communications strategy mix – marketers must think ...view middle of the document...

There is an important role for direct marketing in branding as it facilitates relationship building and customer retention. This is becoming integrated into a web campaign. Direct marketing might include:
• Post cards
• Personalized mailings
• Emails concerning special offers
• Newsletters

d) Sales Promotion
Alongside traditional advertising, there are many options for communicating with customers and building positive associations with the brand – sales promotion is growing in popularity and can be incorporated into a direct marketing piece such as a postcard or email. Sales promotion is instant demand stimulation, it creates a perception of greater value through contests and samples, it compliments the longer term advertising campaign, it motivates trial use, and encourages larger purchases or stimulates a repeat purchase. Sales promotion is helpful when launching new products and new product samples can be attached to existing brands. Problems arise because frequent sales promotions alter price perceptions and encourage consumers to become “deal-prone”. Examples include:
• Consumers: Coupons, price-off, gift with purchase,...

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