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Marketing To The Bottom Of The Pyramid

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1. Before starting the general guidelines, I would like to explain the concept of BOP segment, this concept was first used by Professor C. K. Prahalad. As we can see in the text, the definition of this term is “a group of some 4 billion people who subsist on less than $2 a day. By some estimates, these “aspirational poor,” who make up three-fourths of the world’s population, represent $14 trillion in purchasing power, more than Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Japan put together. Demographically, it is ...view middle of the document...

Based on this, some guiding questions could be:
*Product, all the things we have to know related with the product such as:
What products need?
-Products Radicals product modifications or actual packaging Price
-Functions / uses
-If the product can operate in harsh, noisy conditions, with little health education on the producers if they need
-Eco-friendly products
-If you need energy and who supplies if needed
-If you can join or merge need a new ...
*Distribution methods:
-Transportation available
*Logistics and Infrastructure:
-Who is going to sell the product
-How is going to be sold the product
-Where will be sold the product
*Customer Service
-Who answers questions
-education about uses and needs
-who helps
*Future Architecture
-If you would need change something
-Incorporation of new products attributes

To summarize, to enter at the BOP market probably, the product has to been reevaluated in its function, use, size, packing and adaptability. That’s why this needs a deep market search, to identify this aspects, including the distribution and delivery, which determine the variability of the product or service.

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