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“Marketing Should Be The First Activity In Starting A New Business Venture”

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“Marketing is the first activity in starting a new business venture”


Marketing is the first and most important activity for a new business venture. Marketing introduces business in the market. Marketing plays a vital role in building new business venture's reputation. Company / Firm doesn't take back move to spend more money on marketing. Because initially, this is the only way where the company can pull the attention of many customers. Consumers get to know more and more about the products through marketing.

Let's have a brief discussion about the importance of “Marketing”, why it should be prioritized the most in starting a new business venture.

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Because it'll definitely take six to eight or more than ten exposures to a product before a customer decides to buy. So the newly initiated business venture should be very much aware of the importance of this objective while initiating our new business venture to achieve consumer's attraction.

Marketing through POP Up Events:

Acquisition of consumers in a mass should be the main aim of a newly started business venture. All the people don't go through newspapers, televisions or any medias for their busy schedule. So to attract this particular segment of the customers the new business venture should prioritize on events. The executives of the new business venture should find a suitable place for hosting it's events. Here the marketers can get chances to communicate directly with the public in mass which will definitely help them out to understand the best way of convincing and understand the customer.

So “Marketing” through events are important for a newly started business venture.

Communication Channel:
Especially for a new business venture, Marketing is important to cascade the products in all perspectives. For an effective marketing activity to the targeted audience, the marketer's must choose communication channels that are designed to connect with their identified target audiences at times when they will be most receptive to these messages.
Marketing will be helpful in projecting the Investments:

Definitely, marketing will be helpful in projecting the investments for all the products in a new business venture. Approximately, the volume of the customers and the demands of the products can be accumulated in marketing activities. In a...

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