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Marketing Research Paper

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Marketing Research
Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store that caters to savvy shoppers seeking the finest produce, meats, cheeses, and wines. Kudler Fine Foods was established by Kathy Kudler in 1998. Currently, Kudler Fine Foods has two locations in California, La Jolla and their newest location in Del Mar. Kudler Fine Foods prides itself on providing fine quality products to savvy customers seeking high quality as well as a new shopping experience. Kudler Fine Foods has become successful because of their strategic location catering to consumers with a unique taste and who are willing to pay the price. As Kudler Fine Foods develops their marketing strategy and tactics ...view middle of the document...

The research team will use produce-use analysis by observing the products consumers buy in each area, and the price consumers are paying for each. Furthermore, the research team will also observe products in demand that are not being offered in the area. The observations will last a month, and at the end of the observation period the research team should have enough data to determine which locations have the highest growth potential. Without such marketing research, Kudler Fine Foods is running the risk of opening a location that may not be successful, similar to the situation the Del Mar location is currently facing. Along with opening new locations as part of their growth initiative, Kudler Fine Foods is also considering providing catering services to customers.
Catering Services
Currently Kudler Fine Foods is a fine gourmet foods grocery store that provides customers with a variety of fine foods to include produce, meats, cheese, and wines. Kudler Fine Foods also offers various cooking classes for customers to have a new cooking experience while using products offered at Kudler Fine Foods. Nevertheless, Kathy has been asked to cater several events as a result of the various cooking classes and products available at the deli. These events have proven to be a profitable venture since Kathy handles all the catering activities and does not require additional staff other than her at the event. Currently catering service has not been promoted, but Kathy wants to begin promoting this service to her current customers. The team plans to advertise the service with 10,000 multicolored flyers to be placed inside each bag of customers during check out. However, before proceeding with integrating catering service Kudler Fine Foods must conduct research to determine the demand if there is even a demand for catering service in the area. The research team will be able to determine the information by using quantitative marketing research. The research team will use surveys and questionnaires given to customers to determine their demand for catering services. The survey will ask three to five basic questions in regards to catering services. Once the random sampling has been completed the research team will have the data that will help determine if catering services will be a profitable venture or not. Furthermore, a third strategic initiative Kudler Fine Foods is considering is an acquisition opportunity.
Acquisition Opportunity
Kudler Fine Foods is seeking growth through geographic expansion and introductions of new services and products. However, taking such measures will only create a greater workload and will required additional resources and funds. Therefore, Kudler Fine Foods is considering acquisition opportunities that may arise in the near future. An acquisition will allow Kudler Fine Foods to become...

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