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Marketing Proposal For On; Ine Business Expansion

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Online Expansion Marketing Plan for LIBAAS Boutique
Iram Rashid- Mehmood
Western Governors University

Executive Summary
LIBAAS is a retail clothing store specializing in unique clothing inspired from cultures of South Asia Subcontinents. This business offers both casual and formal wear as well as special occasion apparel made on order. It is run by the owner and her team of 4. Shabnam Khan has 14 years of corporate business work experience and has worked as a Client Service Manager for Global Relocation Company. She is well aware of demands of global customers and how to do business with them. She has a bachelor degree and design. Her team of 4 includes 2 well ...view middle of the document...

· Provide excellent customer service via different electronic means i.e. email, live chat, blogs, comments etc.
· Achieve highest level of customer satisfaction and develop business image as trusted brand.
A1: Validity of Product
Company’s background:
Since its founding in New York City, NY in 2006, LIBAAS has become a trademark in specialized apparel and accessories. LIBAAS is a small facility run by the owner, Shabnam Khan, and her team of 4 but it has built a good rapport within short period of time. It is exclusively ladies boutique and is currently serving the needs of women ages 18-45 living in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Company’s Mission:
LIBAAS is not just about selling a random dress, it is about making a unique creation that suits the wearer’s personality and stands apart from anything else on the market today. What sets it apart from competitors is customization to unique preferences of customers. Complete with matching accessories, LIBAAS provides the intact look whether it is for a special occasion, special someone or just a cozy get together event.
The product being produced and marketed by the company is customized apparel and accessories. The business is based in New York City. The owner has a small boutique located right in the heart of the city but now is considering to expand business online. Following are the points that ensure viability of the cultural apparel and accessories in online environments:
· One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is its round the clock accessibility. Customers can facilitate from LIBAAS’s website at their own convenience hence this flexibility increases the sales for business. Since business will be open 24 hours a day online, it can provide unlimited access to buyers and also may compensate customers who belong to different part of the world thus reducing issues because of time difference. (Rampur, 2011)
· E-Commerce will allow this business to access a wider market for its products since it will reach limitless numbers of customers. This will result in increased sales volumes. Further, online marketing communications environment can be used effectively to increase the sales of the company. Online advertising platform is comparatively affordable therefore will give cost advantage to the business. Prompt nature of online business will offer better customer service and can make meeting customer expectations more feasible. Resources such as email, live chat, blogs, and feedback will be used to make sure of customer satisfaction and enhance their shopping experience.
· Consumers will have a variety of items to choose from. They will also have an option to customize particular items based on size, material and color etc. Customization is free of charge where option is available hence elevating the sales and profitability of the business. The ease of ordering and customizing order online will increase the customer traffic. Purchased items are delivered...

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