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Marketing Pland For Launching Of New Product

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Marketing Plan
for the launch of “OSAMAX ”
Current market situation

Nepalese Pharmaceutical market and its marketing practices is complex to understand. With no such specific guidelines and policies from its regulatory body DDA, Nepalese pharmaceuticals feel the gap for visionary support from government. Though the country is self reliant in various categories the chunk of market share is still being enjoyed by foreign and Indian companies due to the lack of specific guidelines. Nepal pharmaceutical Laboratory is going to introduce its new product in the market where its competitors already exists. Osamax competing brands are :
RESTOFOS – Sun Pharmaceuticals – Indian company
OSTEOFOS – ...view middle of the document...

00 | 32 % |
Quantification of drug, RDL/DDA
From the data 2000 to 2005:
* The drug consumption has been increased by 80 %
* The domestic industries share has been increased by 25 %

Pharma industries have been a powerful and dynamic industry in past 10 years growing when other industries have taken down turns. From the market trend of past few years we can see that market share of domestic industries is increasing in terms of sale and replacing Indian and some Multinational Companies (MNCs). This reflects a wide scope of growth and development of the local pharmaceutical industry in Nepal.
Moreover the increasing awareness among general public regarding health, diseases and the domestic production will certainly help this sector to grow faster.

NPL is second largest Pharmaceutical Company of Nepal comparing its annual turnover. It governs the 12% of the total domestic pharmaceutical market with the total annual turnover of 500 million rupees. It is growing with the approximate rate of 20 % annually.
Annual growth rate of company

Company profile:
NPL is a pharmaceutical company which was registered in department of industry His Majesty’s Government (HMG) on 27th Jestha 2042 and had started its operation from 28th Poush 2043. Its plant is located in Jeetpur, Birgunj and it has its marketing office in Pulchowk, Kathmandu.
With its motto “Quality in the service of millions”, in a short span of 26 years it has carved out a significant position in the Nepalese pharmaceutical industry. NPL has a team of competent management and technical professionals and a group of dedicated members at all levels who have been working together as a highly motivated team to create an outstanding record of success and growth in the Nepalese pharmaceutical industry. It’s a World Health Organization (WHO) – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified company that has a separate Research and Development(R & D) department, production department, quality control (QC) department, quality assurance department, market planning department and marketing department that works in coordination form an introduction level of product to its nourishment.
Due to its significant achievement in work system and standardization NPL is the only domestic pharmaceutical company that has been awarded with “FNCCI National excellence award for three consecutive years since 2059 to 2062 and recently been awarded with FNCCI Service excellence award in the year 2067. NPL has also been honored with NICCI excellence award 2003 by Nepalese chamber of commerce and industry.

Technological advancement: NPL is the first company to collaborate with academia for the development of research activities in NPL, NPL has collaborated with Kathmandu University school of science for conducting bioavailability and bioequivalence testing of medicine testing of medicine, NPL has also expanded its QC plant with the name of Nepal Research Foundation in the year 2066 basically for the development...

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