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Marketing Plan Final Paper

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Mediaplanet Marketing Plan
MKT 535
Mark Dinglasan

This marketing plan presents an overview of the Mediaplanet business model and recommended strategies that will strengthen the company's position and profitability in the North American market. Mediaplanet has been in the North American markets since 2008 and has expanded to six major offices in the United States and Canada. Although the company is international and continues to expand at an accelerated rate, it continues to operate under a start-up mentality and relies on rapid expansion and a large volume of reports published per quarter to generate profit.
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Unique Analysis:
Mediaplanet is an international publishing company with 28 offices around the globe. The company is headquartered Stockholm and was started in 2002. The company is built upon bringing a unique product to the print industry, an 8-12 page special interest report dedicated to a niche topic. Each report is funded by relevant advertising that serves as the immediate solution for readers.
Mediaplanet has grown so much at such an accelerated rate because it was first to market with a unique product that proves the print industry is not dead. All revenue and profit is generated by the relevant advertisers that take up the ad space. Editorial presents the readers with the issues while the advertising serves as the solution.
The product platform is unique for the United States as there is no other product that brings together experts, editorial, and advertisers aligned to one message. However, the decline of print media in the United States coupled with a greater demand for ROI and a preference for online media have reflected a demand for the Mediaplanet reports produce greater value in order to retain customers.
I. Marketing Environment
1. Macro Environment
A. Demographic
- Major developments:
Since entering the North American markets in 2007, Mediaplanet has grown to 6 major offices in the United States and Canada: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. In the United States alone, Mediaplanet is partnered with 10 major newspapers: The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, The New York Daily News, The New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune and USA Today.
The USA Today attempted to break off as a print partner last year and establish its own theme media special supplement but failed in their attempt and now serve as Mediaplanet's largest national partner.
In 2010, Q4 proved to be a challenging quarter for Mediaplanet in the United States with larger corporations demonstrating a reluctance to sign on as repeat customers. Additionally, the beginning of 2011 showed a decline in productivity for the Los Angeles office which ended in the departure of its managing director, followed shortly thereafter by the departure of the managing director of the New York office. Mediaplanet has proved to be a strong staging ground for individuals looking to enhance their resumes but incapable of retaining strong talent.
- Trends
Each Mediaplanet report works on a 7 week cycle, with a 50/50 split between editorial and advertising. Individual publishers are responsible for the sale of ad space in order to fund the report as well as developing the key partnerships with industry experts and associations that provide the editorial direction that addresses relevant topics in the marketplace and attractive topics of coverage that major corporations wish to align their products with.
The economic challenges experienced since 2008...

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