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Marketing Strategy Outline

Having a business or acquiring a new acquisition in other countries entails lots of hard work and different types of marketing segmentation. Whipkey is part of a growing organization that is now interested in having an establishment in Japan. The new decision to acquire a new establishment in Japan requires some marketing strategies. In doing this, the company has to understand the culture and nature of Japanese business in order to penetrate the market effectively. As a member of Whipkey management team, presentation will be focusing on Whipkey’s approach to acquisition such as International segmentation, effective and strategic communication in global ...view middle of the document... company like Cloudcall with diverse culture needs all employees to get along in order to get their vision carried out and achieve the company’s goal. Cultural barrier could be a factor in achieving this goal. Learning to identify this barrier and keeping social comfortability within all cultures in the company will help overcome cultural barrier.
Finding cost reduction and financial efficiencies are some of the factors that can impact marketing and promotion of acquisition of Cloudcall Resorts. Any new business or merger businesses need new customers daily. For Cloudcall to keep their customers and attract more customers, The Company must learn to promote the goods and services of the company by engaging their customers in direct selling, new media, and personal sales and internet sales. These factors will promote the company’s business and create awareness on how potential customers can gain access to the new business. “A merger or acquisition represents a new opportunity to create a compelling, ambitious vision that is understood and shared to capture value not present prior to the transaction. This opportunity...

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