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1- Briefly explain Electronic Cash

A system that allows a person to pay for goods or services by transmitting a number from one computer to another. Like the serial numbers on real dollar bills, the digital cash numbers are unique. Each one is issued by a bank and represents a specified sum of real money. One of the key features of digital cash is that, like real cash, it is anonymous and reusable. That is, when a digital cash amount is sent from a buyer to a vendor, there is no way to obtain information about the buyer. This is one of the key differences between digital cash and credit card systems. Another key difference is that a digital cash certificate can be reused.

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Think of it like a thick stone castle wall - no one can get through it except at heavily guarded gates. Any data going from the internet to your computer must first pass through the firewall, where it is carefully scanned for threats. If the firewall detects any dangers, it blocks the data. Firewalls close off all of the unused ports, channeling all internet traffic through only a handful of open ports. Furthermore, the firewall filters all data moving through these ports, meaning that it examines all the data packets for the proper security authorization. Any data that fails to meet these security requirements is not allowed through the firewall onto your computer. Firewalls also make sure that any personal or sensitive information leaving your computer is protected. It does this by encrypting the information. The information can be decrypted when it arrives at its legitimate destination. Any hackers or spyware that intercept the information on the way, however, gets only scrambled data that it can't read or use.
4- Briefly explain Cookies
A cookie is a small file that is stored on a client's computer. That means that whenever a user visits your web site, you can secretly stash a file with information on their hard drive. This file can contain almost any information you want - including user info, site statistics, or even your own name, for those with vanity problems. We can see how this could potentially be an easy target for hackers because of the possibilities it opens up. One security trick to prevent abuse is that cookies can only be accessed by the domain that created them. This means that, for example, can only access (read from and write to) cookies that created. Generally, this is not a problem at all, but what if you work on two different sites on different domains that share user info, that is stored in cookies? You could, of course, just duplicate user info, but what if you want the user to only have to register on one site, and be automatically registered on the other? Or if they share the same user database, and you want to auto-login users? Sharing cookies across domains is ideal for this situation.

5- Briefly explain Enterprise Application Integration and database
Enterprise Application Integration) Hooking up applications within an enterprise. EAI software acts as a hub that translates data and messages between different applications. The need for EAI arose as companies sought to exchange information between separate 'silos' of automation, such as ERP and CRM systems. EAI is regarded as more tightly coupled and inflexible than emerging alternatives based on web services. Enterprise Application Integration Refers to various techniques that are used to make information systems work together in the large enterprise. For example, when companies acquire other companies, disparate systems have to be integrated. Within a company, newly developed systems must work with legacy systems, and separate...

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