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Marketing Of Sugar Free Ice Cream

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The marketing strategy to sell the sugar free ice cream depends on the following –
1. The customer’s characteristics.
* Age: We have our focus on two age groups of people, 25+ and 40+. As a person grows old, the body metabolism begins to decrease and they are more prone to diabetes. Those people opt for sugar free products to lower their sugar levels. Those are the people whose age is 40 years or more. People from the age group of 25 years are become more health conscious. They try to stay away from illness like diabetes. As such, they opt for sugar free items.
* Gender: Basically it is seen that among people of age 40 years or above, the female gender have tendency to acquire ...view middle of the document...

Also in the case of diabetic persons, who have very limited choice, they too can now enjoy our ‘Taste unites Health’ sugar free ice cream.
3. Geographical Location and its Economic Condition:
The factory is set up in Nagpur, which is a fast growing city. It is well connected with other places of the country by the means of roadways, railways and airways. Transportation of the product is feasible and it can be always delivered in time. Customers will be able to have the fresh sugar free ice creams.
4. The tagline:
The tagline of the product plays an important role in building a relationship with the customers. Catchy tagline captures the heart of consumer. The tagline of our sugar free ice cream is ‘Taste unites Health’. It justifies the product and its mission to reach its target people.
5. Price of the product:
The price of the sugar free ice cream is kept at a very affordable rate. It is Rs 30 for 125ml pack and Rs 110 for 500ml pack. At this rate, almost every health conscious people and diabetic people can have the sugar free ice cream, both as a dessert or a means to beat the heat. Price being the one of the element in the product mix is holding its importance to drive profit and capture costumers.
6. Advertisement:
There are various types of advertisements that can be implemented to promote a product. Awareness is the factor which is focused by consumer belt. Consumer are looking forward to the satisfaction and cost. The medium for which they could be introduced with the product is the advertisement. The various types of methods that can be applied for advertising are –
i. Print Advertisement: Whenever an advertisement is printed on paper, it is called...

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