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Marketing Mix Essay

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Hewlett-Packard and the Marketing Mix
Jonathan Boone
MKT/421 Marketing
October 10, 2012

Hewlett-Packard and the Marketing Mix
Hewlett-Packard is one of the best computer companies in the technological industry. Created in January 1939 from two Stanford University classmates, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard and Hewlett-Packard were incorporated in 1947. The foundation of the company was based on technology in software and services.
In the early stages of Hewlett-Packards development, the organization concentrated on handheld calculators. As the company grew, Hewlett-Packard expanded with the first personal computer in 1980 to service individuals from personal to the ...view middle of the document...

The organizations main product was the desktop computer for personal use. Products that Hewlett-Packard designed and offered is anything that can be distributed to a market for acquisition, attention, and specific preferences in which may satisfy the customer’s needs or wants. When HP shifted the organizations’ focus from the handheld calculator to the personal and business computer, this gave emphasis on the constant change Hewlett-Packard was implementing to meet the need of the consumer.
Some of the product factors that Hewlett-Packard thought of to satisfy those needs and the marketing strategy consisted of the following:
• The customers needs and wants that the developed product can satisfy
• The features that the product provides should offer to satisfy those needs
• How the customer will use the product
• The appearance of the product
• What type of experience the customer will have using the product
• What would be the name of the product
• Branding of the product
• The differentiation from other competitors
Some examples of the tactics that Hewlett-Packard used was the development of an infrastructure technology, outsourcing of business processes, maintenance of technology and support, the networking of the product and resources, development of applications and software. Hewlett-Packard implemented a product that was targeted for small and medium businesses called ProLiant. This computer possessed a small entry-level rack and server not only for small businesses, but also for remote sites, small workgroups, and environments with higher computing performance.
Another implementation of the needs and wants of the consumer which Hewlett-Packard implemented was the Touchsmart PC in 2007. This product was a touch-screen, all-in-one computer. Within the same year, the business developed a notebook that was targeted for the educational market.
Products that developed the marketing strategy for Hewlett-Packard also were implemented toward the personal home for Internet usage. A wireless router was developed to provide home users a high speed Internet service that allows the home users to connect to the Internet through multiple devices. This product could also have a market for a home business.
Hewlett-Packard implemented its products by giving specific service packages to all of its products. These services gave consumers the ability to upgrade or to extend warranties on products to build loyalty and trust.
Hewlett-Packard began offering larger discounts to dealers with larger terms of payment, and the result was the number of full-line retailers increased from 350-750. The decision was based on the place marketing mix. The place in the marketing mix refers to the means that the product reaches the consumer. Various channels Hewlett-Packard uses to implement this element of the marketing mix is through brick and mortar facilities throughout the United States, including the Internet.

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