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Marketing Management Essay

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Examination Paper of Marketing Management IIBM Institute of Business Management Examination Paper International Marketing Management Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 Marks) MM.100

  

This section consists of Multiple Choice & Short Note Type Questions.

Answer all the questions. Part One carries 1 mark each & Part Two carries 5 marks each.

Part One: Multiple choices: 1. International marketing includes activities that direct the flow of goods from: a. One country to one country b. One country to another country c. One country to multiple country d. All of the above

2. ETC stands for______________ a. Expert trading companies b. Essential trading companies c. ...view middle of the document...

2. Write a short note on World trade organization (WTO). 3. Briefly describe the exim policy of India (one part of India‟s export import policy). 4. Write a short note on tariff and non tariff barriers of international trade.


Section B: Caselets (40 marks)     This section consists of Case lets. Answer all the questions. Each case let carries 20 marks. Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150to 200).

Caselet 1

IIBM Institute of Business Management


Examination Paper of Marketing Management Export Marketing: The trade in black pepper is unhappy that exports may not show a sign of revival in prices in the immediate future. World prices have been showing a downward trend for eighteen months and this has resulted in much lower earnings for exporters. The UK, West Germany and the Netherlands have cut their import requirement though the American demand has shown some growth. Brazil has been resorting to aggressive selling at lower prices and the expectations are that its exports will reach an alltime peak of 32,000 tones in the 1981-82 season. The 1981-82 Indian season is only about six weeks away. The Brazilian offensive has forced India to withdraw so to any from the US and West European markets and increase its reliance on communist buyers. As many as 1980-81.the Soviet Union alone accounting for 12,647 tones. But exporters are concerned at the diversion on such a scale of this trade. Questions: 1. Had you been the pepper exporter, what would be your short term and medium-term export marketing strategy in the above environment? 2. Could you examine the weak points in this case study? Caselet 2 SMART KIDS – SELLING EDUCATIONAL GAMES AND RESOURCES TO THE WORLD Smart Kids Ltd. An Auckland company that makes educational games and resources to read and understand math‟s has won a Trade New Zealand Export Award for its success in international markets in 2003.Established eight years ago in the family home basement, Smart Kids is led by husband and wife team, joint chief executives David and Sun Milne and their sons Duncan and Frase. She Milne, an ex-teacher, says from just 30 products when it started, the company produces more than 200 produces catering for student‟s activities, grammar concepts and numeracy. She says the international appeal of Smart Kids products was highlighted recently, when company‟s SMART PHONICS was listed amongst the top five products out of almost 100 in the education trade show in the United Kingdom. The key requirement for every new Smart Kids products is that it stimulates student‟s minds in the classroom, teaches them a specific concept easily, enjoyably and permanently and enables problem solving. David Milne says Smart Kids started selling its educational games and resources to New Zealand schools in 1995, drawings an immediate and strong response. It quickly became apartment that the New Zealand market was not large enough to sustain considerable...

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