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Marketing Individual Assignment: Marketing Ethics

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Winsor Hong Kong Limited has a company here ,which is called Dr Beauty Centre.
There is more than 50 stores of Dr Beauty Centre in Hong Kong.It is aimed at combining` knowledge about medicine and cosmetology to make a more remarkable medication.Lots of investigation are conducted by the professors and doctors to improve the skills and products provided by the company.Last year, a women was dead and 3 were seriously ill because of spetic shock after paying fifity thousand dollars for blood transfusion therapy (DC-CIK therapy) at DR. Department of Health and police investigated this accident immediately.DR had been told to stop carrying out the treatment.

Dr offered the DC-CIK therapy and ...view middle of the document...

(Nip, A and Tsang, E 2012).DR should not send incorrect product information that the treatment is proved to be effective in improving our health to consumers.This obiviously is a kind of deceptive methods to promote their product,including practices such as misleading consumers about the the feature or performance of a product.It is different from puffery. A product is “puffed” by praising it with “subjective opinions, superlatives, or exaggerations, vaguely and generally, stating no specific facts. (Preston ,I,1975) But if the content is discrepant from the product, it is deceptive. (Smith,N.C and Quelch, J.A, 1996)

According to AMA statement of ethics , marketers should be fair and honest that they represent products in a clear way in selling and strive to be truthful in all situations and at all times.The majority of customers are not familiar with the medical principle of the treatment and what they mainly concern is the effects they want from the treatment. If they knew how risky this treatment was, most of them would not agree to undergo this therapy.Undoubtly,Dr is responsible to let the customers know the potential risk involved in the treatment beyond convincing their customers to undergo their treatments.It is unethical that DR provided misleading information and exaggerated the effects of the treatment.It is highly suspected that the so called”professional” consultant is playing a leader role throughtout the transaction while the qualified doctor is nothing more than a tool for them to assure their customers to trust the company and then purchase the treatment.Since there is no gurantee for the standards of these ‘professional’ consultants. Most of the beauty consultants are briefly trained by their own companies and have no medical knowledge at all.

Apart from being an irresponsible and unethical company, performing deceptive promotion actually spoil reputation of the company and customer relationships. . DR should address its problem seriously. Without sufficient evidence or...

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