Marketing Communication Memo Essay

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Marketing Communication Memo
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Marketing Communication Memo
To: Management Team
Subject: The importance of psychographic and demographic information in developing marketing communications.
At Indigo: Fashion for Women we are an organization created, molded, and sculpted to provide top of the line current fashion for everyday women. In order to do that we need to identify our target customers, “By identifying and knowing our customers, you can assess their needs” (Foundation, 2015, p. 1). Identifying our customers has allowed us to become a solid brand in the clothing industry, but further identification is necessary be an elite competitor. ...view middle of the document...

Our concern is not just the type of religion, but the strength of their dedication to the religion, “Since religious values are ingrained sacred relics and practices, devout followers of a religion are expected to conform consistently to the norms and rules dictated by their religion” (Siala, 2013, p. 1). It is important to know how strong our target customers’ commitment is to their religious beliefs, and how that may affect their purchasing decisions.
Our target customers’ buying motive is also a very strong key in figuring out what they will buy, and also not buy. Some of the motives we have found for our target customers to purchase are, attracting a mate, boosting self-confidence, affiliation, keeping a mate, status, and maintain fashion trends (Griskevicius & Kenrick, n.d.). The more intense the customers’ buying motive is the more likely it is for them to buy their Clothing from Indigio. With our products the price for our products will be superseded by our customers’ desire for them to have them. In essence women who desire fashionable clothing will find the means to obtain them regardless of price.
Setting ourselves apart from our competitors is essential to Indigo maintaining our status in the women’s clothing world. “The key is to differentiate your business based on points that consumers value as important when making purchasing decisions” (“Business Differentiation,” n.d.). By differentiating ourselves we stay a unique viable brand for our customers. In order to set ourselves apart we need to look at both large and small fashion designers who are marketing to our target customers as well. We would need to analyze the types of purchases our customers make as well as how much they spend on items they like to purchase. We already will have the items they are looking for as our products will be geared towards them, but we need to remain unique.
Sending key messages is a necessity for Indigo to communicate to our target customers. We must capture the target customers’ attention, and have them focused on our key messages that we are sending out to them (Richards, 2015). The most important key message that we send is “Fashionably creating your own fashion for every moment of everyday”. This tells our customers that we provide all of the pieces they need to create their own fashionable style. Giving our customers the freedom to take our high end fashionable products, and differentiate themselves from others as well without being dictated what pieces to buy together for every occasion.
Finding the proper communication channels to get the most exposure to our target customers is imperative to getting the best results, and growing our customer base. We have to look at avenues such as, Internet, Blogs, television, radio, word of mouth, and social media. Social media has become a very valuable tool to utilize,”it’s become the norm for all types of business to have some sort of social media presence” (Hayzlett, 2015), and when utilized...

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