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Manas Indian Wildlife Sanctuary Essay

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Manas Indian Wildlife Sanctuary

Joanne Petrie


Robert Griffin

Axia College


Describing the diversity of life forms found in the foothills of the Himalayas, on a gentle
slope where the wooded forests give way to streams, and grasslands the Manas wildlife sanctuary
is a home place habitat to many of a variety of endangered species and wildlife. The Indian
rhino and Indian elephant and the pygmy wild hog, and tiger are the main endangered wildlife
species that are threatened. (
The Manas wildlife sanctuary received its name from the Goddess of Manasa and the location
is well known by its reputation for its striking and ...view middle of the document...

These are located in the forest divisions of
Kachugaon, Western Assam Wildlife reserve, and Haltugaon, and North Kamrup.
J. Petrie 1
The Biological Interrelationships
The life forms in the area have approximately fifty five mammals, three amphibians, and
fifty reptiles that have been founded and recorded in the wildlife sanctuary. Many of these
animal species are on the highly endangered list because their populations are extremely low.
Along with the animals mentioned above there are also clouded leopards, tigers, rare exotic
birds like the Bengal floricans, jungle fowls, fishing eagles, giant hornbills, pelicans, falcons,
serpent eagles, magpie robins, scarlet minivets, bee-eaters, and the rhinoceros the list goes on.
Without the proper mutual relationships the biology and the living life forms in the sanctuary
would have a null to minimum chance for their survival. The warm and humid climate allows for
a favorable environment for the animals and vegetation in the sanctuary to thrive and live which
is most convenient for them to habitat the area. Most of the mammals are accumulated to the
rainforests while the tigers, elephants, wild buffalo, and water fowl birds have their refuge in
the riparian grasslands that are located near the banks of the River Brahmaputra. There are
three types of main vegetation in the sanctuary which are; tropical moist and dry that fall off
or shed seasonally, and the tropical semi-green forests in the northern part of the park, and the
streamline grasslands in the western part that covers about 50% of the areas.
Human Intrusions
The human interferences that threatened the wildlife sanctuary were founded to be moving
too rapidly into the destruction of the environmental degradation due to the human intrusions
lasting thousands of years since its history. The Manas National Wildlife Sanctuary was officially
and formally declared a sanctuary on October 01, 1928 with a location of 360 sq. km. and between
1951 and 55 the area was increased to 391 sq. km. In December of 1985 it was declared a World
J. Petrie 2
Heritage site by UNESCO by, Kahitama R.F., the Kokilabari R. F. and the Panbari R. F. which
were added in the 1990’s to form the Manas National Park. In the year of 1992, UNESCO
declared it as a world heritage site in danger due to heavy poaching and terrorist activities.
(Wikipedia). The UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that ensures its
purpose to contribute to (peace) and (security) by promoting international collaboration through
education, science, and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law,
and the human rights along with fundamental freedoms...

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