Managing The Business Enterprise Essay

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Overview of Management
Sharvon Jackson
MMPBL/502 – Managing the Business Enterprise
December 20, 2010
Micheal Barker
Overview of Management
Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet specialty store that originally started in La Jolla, California and has added two other locations in the Southern California and San Diego area. It is apparent that Kudler was managed efficiently in the beginning to the success of the opening of new stores. They are an example of an organization which is made up of different departments who work together to ensure the success of the organization. To get a better understanding of Kudler Fine foods, an analysis of their management structure will be completed, ...view middle of the document...

Yvonne Reynolds is the Director of Store Operations. Her job description has the following information: “Manage the operations of three stores, including inventory, purchasing and logistics. Responsible for store safety, facility maintenance, security, and compliance with state and federal regulations” (UoP- Kudler Fine Foods, 2004). Brenda Warner is the Director of administration and human resources. Her job description entails all aspects of human resource and the legal role of administration. Brenda’s job description is: “Develops policies and directs and coordinates administrative and human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training, and employee services” (UoP-Kudler Fine Foods, 2004). The third tier of managers in Kudler’s organization consists of Operational Managers. Operational managers are active in the daily operations of the stores and implement the communications and procedures that are created via partnering with the tactical managers. The store managers are: Kent Vesper, the La Jolla store, Laurie Priest the Del Mar store, and Juanita Lopez the Encinitas store. They are responsible for oversight of employees and having the store operate within budgetary and operational guidelines at each of the three Kudler locations.
Use of technology and the effect on management
By having such an intricate home page involving both the internet and the intranet, Kudler is up to date in using current technology to appeal to customers and the employees. Employees are able to access internal information needed via the intranet portion of the website. Customers are able to retrieve information about the goods and services that are offered by Kudler and the store hours, locations, and what products each department carries on the internet site. Kudler shows style and class on their website design and sets the tone for the type of clientele it hopes to attract to the stores. Kathy Kudler has shown good business sense in the technical programs needed to keep accurate and up to date information. The investment in the application of a Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) shows that Kudler knows the value of quality programs to assist in record keeping of a retail store. The REMS maintains the information for the company’s fundamental functions such as: treasury, sales, accounting, and acquisition of goods. The REMS collects information from various transactions across departments, business cycles, and individual functions in the company. The collected data is stored in databases for easy conversion into viable information to be used by company executives. Data is collected at each point-of-sale register and the derived information is compiled to gather the purchasing patterns of the customers which enable the executives and operational managers refine goods carried and services offered to meet the customer trends. The information gathered via the REMS and POS registers enables Kudler to continue to...

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