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Managing Stress And Conflict Essay

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ILM Level 5 – Award in Leadership and Management

Candidate Name: Samantha Salmon

Managing stress and conflict in the organisation


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Understand the effectiveness of own organisation in dealing with workplace stress and conflict
Evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation in recognising workplace stress and conflict and providing the necessary support mechanisms

2 Be able to improve the management of workplace stress and conflict in own area of responsibility
Plan improvements to the identification and approach to dealing with workplace stress and conflict in own area of ...view middle of the document...

Work related stress develops because a person is unable to cope with the demands being placed on them. Stress, including work related stress, can be a significant cause of illness and is known to be linked with high levels of sickness absence, staff turnover and other issues such as more errors.
There is a difference between pressure and stress. Pressure can be positive and a motivating factor, and is often essential in a job. It can help us achieve our goals and perform better. Stress occurs when this pressure becomes excessive.
A person experiences stress when they perceive that the demands of their work are greater than their ability to cope. Coping means balancing the demands and pressures placed on you (i.e. the job requirements) with your skills and knowledge (i.e. your capabilities). For example, if you give a member of your team a tight deadline on a project they feel they have neither the skills nor ability to do well, they may begin to feel undue pressure which could result in work related stress.
Stress can also result from having too few demands, as people will become bored, feel undervalued and lack recognition. If they feel they have little or no say over the work they do or how they do it, this may cause them stress.
Stress affects people in different ways and what one person finds stressful can be normal to another. With each new situation a person will decide what the challenge is and whether they have the resources to cope. If they decide they don't have the resources, they will begin to feel stressed. How they appraise the situation will depend on various factors, including:
• their background and culture;
• their skills and experience;
• their personality;
• their personal circumstances;
• their individual characteristics;
• their health status;
• their ethnicity, gender, age or disability; and
• other demands both in and outside work.
As a manager you have a duty to ensure that work does not make your team ill. Understanding how to spot the signs of stress in your team, and then know what to do to reduce stress, will help you achieve this.

Disputes and conflict in the workplace
Conflicts at work take many forms. It might be an individual with a grievance, a problem between an employee and a manager or conflict between two co-workers. Any conflict can get in the way of work and make the business less productive.
Dealing with conflict at an early stage to nip it in the bud and stop the situation developing into a full-blown dispute will save time, money and stress later on, for both the employer and employees.
Some of the issues that can cause conflict between individuals and groups at work include:
• ineffective or insufficiently trained management
• unfair treatment
• unclear job roles
• poor communications
• poor work environment
• lack of equal opportunities
• bullying and harassment
• unresolved problems from the past
• an increase in workload

There are some key steps an...

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