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Reflective Learning Piece
As a businessman, there is a lot I wish to acquire from my MBA degree at Bond University and be able to apply to my business in order to help it. Apart from learning the operation of the economy, marketing skills and better management of finances, Managing People has been a subject that has formed a very strong coherence between my business and theoretical/practical concepts I have learnt and ...view middle of the document...

However I was not acquainted with the specific terms and the study that has gone into that topic. It is now clear to me that it is better and more effective to create work place conditions which naturally empower the employee to think better and be able to take management decisions by him rather than providing extrinsic empowerment. I do however feel empowerment of employees does kill authority to an extent, but that can be overcome for having flat organic structures in the organisation.
A new concept that I learnt was about how job design have a major effect on the employees and a well-structured job may not only help employees get a clear idea on what the job requires them to do but also heavily motivate them to perform better. The concept of job rotation helps remove monotony on daily tasks performed and keeps the employee’s mind active. It helps reduce job frustration, as illustrated in a very informative video in class which was played by Charlie Chaplin.
The most successful part of the activity for me was group exercise which reflected how as soon as a group is formed it undergoes through the various stages of forming, storming, norming and adjourning. Having experienced it in person I also learnt how in a group or in a meeting there
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exists a fight for power and command over the conversation. During a time crunch situation taking turns in a conversation completely gets nullified. It is important to realize that the actual fight for power and command starts even before the meeting would take place.
The study of deep structure shows how to analyse an organisation on the basis of the work culture within the organization and how to look for the right indicators. Recognizing problems is similar to knowing how only the tip of the iceberg is usually visible to the untrained eye. The ability of seeing deep with the organizational structure has now empowered me to manage employees better.
The main value which was reassured to me was about how closely manipulation and...

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