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Managing People &Performance Case Essay

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Ashok Tiwari Dr. Deepak Sharma
Roll No- 05
PGDM-Ex (2014-15)


Conflict Management among Employees

New Power Company Limited (NPCL), an electric power distribution company for last 20 years. They have a total manpower of 250. When the company started its operation in the year of 1994, they had less than 20 employees and it remained below 60 till four year ago. The majority of current 250 employees i.e. nearly 160 were in operations department which was considered to be most important department of the organization because its business was to provide smooth and quality power supply to ...view middle of the document...

They have organized many educational and skill based training programs. They also conduct employee meet, coffee with Anil, Aap ki Baat etc to ensure clear communication between employee and management.

From last four years, company found that power demand has increasing at the rate of 20%. This rapidly growing demand need more electric power supply and also more employees in Operations to take care of growing power demand. So, they started hiring of employees and ensured that they can be well taken care off. But it was observed that employees are leaving the organization very fast and almost all are new employee. That also affected the efficiency of Operations department and so the consumer satisfaction level. This situation forced Mr. Anil Kumar to restructure the recruitment process. He also placed internal committee to find out the reason behind it and action plan to ensure high employee retention rate. The committee submitted its findings and some of them where:

1. Old employees were taking the new employee as a threat to their position and so new one are not getting equal opportunity at work place. They were not getting peaceful and progressive work place...

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