Managing Organizations And Leading People Essay

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Managing Organizations and Leading People, C200 Task 1

Managing Organizations and Leading People
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WGU C200 Task 1

Emerson is a global technology and engineering solutions company that has been providing diversified and innovative solutions to customers for the last 125 years , as of 2015, employ more than 111,000 people . They are solution providers for industrial, commercial and consumer markets through its 5 business units.
Those business units are:
Emerson Process Management
Companies are under constant pressure to cut cost, increase output all with fewer and less
experienced workers. Emerson Process Management is relied upon by companies across the globe to aid
in solving their process problems. Emerson is experienced in taking their customers toughest challenges
and bringing predictable success.
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Emerson Climate Technologies
Emerson Climate Technologies have trusted products in the heating, air conditioning and
refrigeration sectors of residential, industrial and commercial verticals. Their products are
trusted and are best-in-class while minimizing energy consumption and lessening the
impact on the environment. Copeland Scroll is Emerson’s trademarked variable speed
compressor that delivers new levels of efficiency and humidity control.
Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions
Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions has a broad range of tools, storage
products, and appliance solutions for contractors and homeowners. From pipe-working
tools and diagnostic systems to storage systems and food waste disposers, their products
are there to help customers utilize space better.

Their slogan (objective) is “Consider it Solved”, as Emerson takes great pride in tackling new obstacles and utilizing them as an opportunity to do what’s “Never Been Done Before.” In their 125-year history, Emerson has made some remarkable achievements that include:
• The prevention of billions of dollars in fresh food from spoiling as it’s shipped around the world
• Help in the transformation of food waste into a never-ending source of natural electricity in the city of Milwaukee
• Automation solutions for the oil and gas industry to help maintain continuous, safe and efficient year-round operations in the most challenging weather conditions
• Technologies and expertise for multi-national companies to achieve Top Quartile performance
(Putting The Future In Focus, 2016)

Emerson’s core management values and beliefs begin with integrity: Emerson insists on integrity in everything they do. The leadership styles at Emerson are:
1. Level 5 Leadership. The executives paradoxically blend humility and intense professional will, all while giving credit to others while assigning blame to themselves. This leadership style is pervasive within the company culture, as they work endlessly to create leaders among many.

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