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Managing Human Resources Globally Essay

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This research paper is talks about managing human resources globally and solving HR issues in a world of global competition.
In the past few decades, more and more companies are entering global markets by building facilities in various countries and exporting their goods. Since the companies set up their operations overseas, it would decrease their operating cost and attract more new customers. On the other hand, according to the textbook (p.458), the international business increase and change the demands on human resource management, and companies and employees have to understand the different ...view middle of the document...

In addition, education and skill levels also play an important role in the HRM in global business. Because many foreign countries offer high skills and low labor cost, more and more companies are outsourcing their business or changing operating locations. As the textbook says (p.465), “the education and skills levels of a country’s labor force affect how and the extent to which companies want to operate there; in countries with a poorly educated population, companies will limit their attractiveness to low-skill, low-wage jobs.” Moreover, economic system is the other factor which affecting HRM in international markets. The different economic system would have different pay structures. For instance, most of developed countries are in the capitalist system, and they are usually with great wealth and the labor costs are relatively high. Furthermore, a country’s political-legal system has huge impact on HRM practices, such as layoffs, hiring and compensation. According to the textbook (p.466), Because of the diversity of legal and political systems, a company that expands globally must gain expertise in the host country’s legal requirements. In order to entering the global market successfully, a company needs to carefully elect employees in a global labor market. For many companies that have facilities in other countries, they usually hiring host-country nationals to fill their foreign positions. As the textbook explains (p.467), “a key reason is that a host-country national can more easily understand the values and customs of the local workforce than someone from another part of the world can.” Additionally, the other reason is sending employees to foreign assignments would be very expensive because the difficulty of moving family overseas. On the other hand, many key foreign positions always fill with parent-country or third-country nationals. According to the textbook (p.468), there are several criteria that associate with success in working overseas, such as competency in the employees’ area of expertise, flexibility and sensitivity to culture differences. Among these different factors, the factor that influences the result of foreign assignment most is the comfort of the employees’ spouse and family. Also, a person who is outgoing, dependable and tolerant seems to be more successful in completing the oversea work.
After carefully selecting the employees in a global labor market, an organization must develop an effective and efficient training program to achieve its business goal. According to the textbook (p.469), the training programs should be effective for all participating employees and provide the employees with knowledge about the challenges and culture differences associated with working in the foreign countries. Moreover, there are several steps to establish an effective training program. As the textbook illustrates (p.469), “the first step is to establish the objectives for the training and its content; next the developers...

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