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Managing Director Essay

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COMM2386 - Interdisciplinary Communication Project

Final Reflection_Social media campaign on RMIT Sport & Recreation Department

Lecturer: Landon Carnie
Submit on 11/1/2012

It’s been a while since I worked with S&R team on the social media campaign for “RMIT Sport and Recreation Department”. Working with the team on this campaign was a real eye-opener in terms of lessons learnt. I’ve found myself more professional in working with other people during the campaign. It’s proud to say that the team had a rough, rush start, but in the end teamwork spirit is what kept everything going well. Different people will have different definitions of teamwork. In ...view middle of the document...

Most of the conversations are on telephone, Google Plus, Google Mail and Google Docs. Virtual meetings are fine, but they lack some of the essential collaboration capacities that only a face-to face meeting provides and sometimes lead to misunderstanding others’ expectations, which is my case. At the beginning of the campaign, the big group is divided into smaller groups from two to three people to accomplish different tasks. My group was in charge of the Staff Profile tactic and writing reports. The main communication tool is telephone. Delegating tasks on the phone seems to be easy and direct at first. However, it led to many misunderstandings, excuses and inconveniences in the communication process among group members. It was hard for me to contact the sub-leader in the group via phone when I need an immediate help, but she did not pick up the phone. I also sent emails. Everyone in the team helped to call her but she did not reply until two days later. The bigger problem appeared when she called back, gave solutions and requirements for what I was searching and I misunderstood her requirements. This also happened between her and another person in the small group. The incident kept repeating two more time later on during group work. This repeating incident somehow showed the irresponsibility of everyone in the group because we did not negotiate to find an effective communication tool at the beginning. I do not blame neither on her nor on the incident by any means. I only want to state the inconveniences of using phone as the main communication tool and the lack of collaboration spirit among group members. The incidents resulted in process delayed and affected not only my group but also the rest of the team and the campaign process.
On the other hand, I realized that dividing the team into smaller groups is not always a wise solution. That is because the smaller groups might only concentrate on the things that they are doing and do not care about others’, do not collaborate with others’ work. This sometimes led to the inconsistency in teamwork and inconsistency between the process and the goals/objectives that were set from the beginning. Although we had reports after every meeting, it was hard to keep everybody reading those reports to keep track on the whole picture, the whole process. This might contribute...

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