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Managers Perspective Essay

410 words - 2 pages

Team Member Evaluation

Navigation Use your mouse or tab key to move around in the form. You can open this file in Word and type right into the tables. The table cells will expand automatically, giving you as much room as you need.
Team Information:
Reflection Take a few moments to reflect about:
1) what worked well and what didn’t work well on your team and the reasons – Our team worked very well together on the project. We divided up the work load and each team member submitted a chapter. Everyone checked the group discussion board every day and made comments when appropriate.
2) how you and your team members might have worked better together and what you would do differently if you were to work together again – We worked very well together on the project, as we have done ...view middle of the document...

Then list the names of the other members of your team. You probably have fewer than seven members—just use as many rows as you need.
Ratings To rate yourself and the rest of your team use this scale and mark an “x” to show your rating: 5 = exceptionally superior; 4=completely satisfactory 3 = sufficiently supportive; 2 = barely there but valuable; 1 = undesirable or interfering
Rationale For each team member, state the role, overall contribution, and reasons for your rating. Keep your comments brief and to the point.
Submission When you have completed the form, select “File-Save.” Attach this document this document to the Blackboard assignment submission.

|Names of Team Members |Ratings |Rationale |
| | | |
| |5 |4 |3 |2 |1 | |
|Ji Chung Hao | |x | | | |Research on the application of theories in multicultural organization |
| Bte Zakariah Nadine Nurulhuda | |x | | | |Research the theories for comparison |
|Yok Mun Marcus Leong | |x | | | |Analyze the measures of effectiveness of applied theories |
|Ying Hui Christopher Toh | |x | | | |Editor, consolidate and edit the information, ensuring the quality of work |

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