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Managers Job In Context Essay

2298 words - 10 pages

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Organizational Background – Al-Rajhi Bank 2
3.0 Requirements and Job Description of Branch Manager 3
4.0 Mr. Anasari’s key people – internal and external interactions 4
4.1 Internal Interactions 4
Human Resource Manager 4
Loan Officer 5
Credit Manager 5
Bank Operational Manager 7
Customer Service Manager 7
4.2 External Interactions 8
Saudi Arabian chambers of commerce 8
Customers 8
5.0 Nature and evaluation of interdependencies 8
6.0 Recommendations 11
7.0 References 12

1.0 Introduction
The role of managers nowadays has evolved greatly over the past years and it has changed significantly in different industries. One thing that ...view middle of the document...

Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the bank has six regional offices and has over 500 branches supporting the regional offices all over the Kingdom.
The company’s products and services are categorized into personal and business banking, that include; financing solutions for i.e. real estate, cars, credit cards and Irad financing, and Watani share purchase program; electronic banking services including Al Mubasher retail, SMS Tadawul, e-corporate, Eshaar and other related products; Al Rajhi Express; private banking services, and investment products featuring mutual funds, local shares and international brokerage. The company’s business also offers corporate banking and treasury services.
3.0 Requirements and Job Description of Branch Manager
The branch manager, Mr. Adam Anasari, work with different levels of the company; from the top management to bottom level employees. Mr. Anasari would supervise the entire branch and is responsible for bringing in new customers and improving the banks profits. Additionally, his role would entail setting targets (objectives) and making sure these targets are met according to standards of the bank, also making sure that the bank keeps a high standard, effectively dealing with customer complaints, motivating and developing his staff.

Since Mr. Anasari is accountable for the staff that’s employed in the bank, he would have to be incorporated in the process of hiring, training and supervision. This is important, because Mr. Anasari have to communicate, provide sufficient supervision and ensuring that the employees follow the bank’s standard procedure for working with customers and handling money.

Furthermore, Mr. Anasari has to coordinate activities that is passed on to him by top-management, to execute bank (institution) policies, procedures and practices that have to do with extending or permitting i.e. real estate loans, credit or commercial loans, lines of credits and so on. This position usually requires more experience in this line of work, as they need to supervise a larger staff.

Lastly, I believe the requirement of this job demand particular personality characteristics in leading the branch. Therefore, Mr. Anasari should be a mixture of the following traits extrovert, internalizer type, doing type and a thinking type. The different personality types would affect the performance in terms of job satisfaction and management styles. If Mr. Anasari has the bad traits of personality, it may affect his method in managing his work.
4.0 Mr. Anasari’s Key People – Internal and External Interactions
Within the organization, Mr. Anasari has numerous interactions with employees in accomplishing his objectives for the bank. These may include; human resource manager, operations manager, marketing officer loan officer, credit manager, accountant, bank cashier, customer services manager, financial consultant/adviser and foreign remittance manager. In addition to the internal employees, Mr. Anasari...

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