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Manager As A Leader Essay

723 words - 3 pages

Dena M White
Walden University
BUSI 1002-1
March 8, 2015

Craig Jelinek's personality
Craig Jelinek has been with Costco team since 1984, and he has done various jobs in those years. He is dedicated to Costco and what the company represents. He became the President of Costco in 2012. If something works don’t change it as in the $1.50 Costco hot dog deal. He worked with the previous President Jim Sinegal and learned about business management from him. Jelinek’s knows Costco culture and what has worked with its employees and customers. He helps his employees to grow and succeed. He is dedicated to better benefits and salaries for his employees, but also has ...view middle of the document...

Jim Sinegal wanted to be approachable, so his office had no door or walls. He did not want to divide himself from the rest of the employees. Costco’s culture is about its employees and customers. Costco wants their employees to enjoy coming to work, and that is from the warehouse floor staff to executive positions.
Sinegal and Jelinek's role creating and maintaining Costco’s organizational culture.
Jim Sinegal and Craig Jelinek has played a big role in creating and maintaining Costco’s organizational culture. While competitors lost customers, Costco’s sales have grown 39 percent in 2009. For a company to be able to do, this must have a good leadership team that starts with the President. Jim Sinegal and Craig Jelinek, both believe that it is important to visit their various stores and visit with employees. They treat their employees well with the belief that if the work environment is a happy one, it will result in a profits for the company.
The specific values that will be evident in the way that you will manage and why.
Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. This is something that is crucial to me. ...

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