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Planning in the business world is the same as anywhere else. In order to deliver the best possible scenario, or plan, there has to be a collective of data, a reviewing process, organization, as well as a decision making process. These steps relate directly to the planning process that is used in the business world today. For the business, this planning process has to start with a goal. Once the goal or goals are established the planning process can begin.
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• Controlling their employees through controlling and managing change, and managing technology and innovation.
Many factors can influence the need of change to the management structure of a company. For a company like BP, there had to be a descent change when the company went through recent events. The oil spill caused legal issues, which lead to the company having to reevaluate their management strategy to take care of the issues. They had to come up with solutions that were both ethical and attainable through the company’s leadership. With the oil spill bringing on quite a bit of controversy, BP also had to try to make things right in the public eye through what they did managerially. Even though the oil spill was an accident, the staff had to come up with new policies to not only ensure that the spill would get cleaned up, but to also ensure that the workers would have different safety precautions as well as have a different plan of action to prevent another occurrence.
• Many legal issues and law suits against BP from fisherman and property owners.
• Staffing and quality control.
• New compliance and safety policy measures.

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