Management Perspective Essay

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Management Perspectives

Week 5


Organisational Diversity


What does “diversity” mean to you?
How does it apply in the workplace?


• Diversity is always a sensitive issue.
• People who belong to a “minority” group often
feel labelled, stereotyped, and marginalised in the
• People who belong to the “majority” group are
often unaware of the consequences of the
collective action of the majority.


• We all hold bias and prejudices simply because
we notice difference and it is important not to try
to obliterate difference and diversity in an
attempt to ...view middle of the document...

• It is supported by the formal and informal institutions of
society and conferred to all members of a dominant group,
by virtue of their group membership.


What is Privilege?


Thoughts on the video regarding Privilege
– any take aways?


Privilege in Society
• Privilege implies that wherever there is a system of
oppression there is an oppressed group and also a
privileged group, who benefit from the oppressions
that this system puts in place.
• Privilege and power are closely related: privilege
often gives a person or group power over others.


Privilege affecting opportunity
• Criteria for leadership roles may be affected by
gender bias
• This could affect the subsequent assessment
process and lead to disadvantage for groups
not represented in initial criteria discussions.


Discussion Time
Let’s talk about your experience with
privilege – either in society or at work


Diversity – Roll Tape


• Diversity in the workplace means having
employees from a wide range of backgrounds.
• This can include having employees of different
ages, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual
orientation, religious belief, work experience,
educational background, and so on.



If you have a diverse workplace in your business, you can benefit from the different
talents, experiences and perspectives of your employees.
Examples of a diverse workforce includes:
• mature aged workers
• young people
• people with disability
• women in the workplace
• apprentices and trainees
• people from overseas
• Indigenous Australians
• people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


What are some of the
advantages of a diverse


Roots of diversity in the workplace
- You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge
- Start the discussion
- Engage existing staff


Roots of diversity in the workplace
• Change in perspective sometimes requires
being knocked “off the perch” and landing with
a loud thud (Moreton-Robinson)
• Positive discrimination
• Quotas


Diversity Programs at Work
• A formal program within an organisation in
order to address an imbalance of diversity.
• Often linked with a measurable target and


Discussion Time
• Does your organisation have a Diversity
program in place?


• Deliberately denying access to a place, group
or privilege
• A form of bullying
• May also be known as ostracization


• Impacted staff members may experience
increased stress due to exclusion
• This could lead to reduced performance, and
potential legal action against an employer


Group Discussion
In your groups, put yourselves in the role of a
Senior Leadership team that has just identified an

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