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Management Of Healthcare Organizations Essay

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When someone thinks about people with authority they usually think about leaders and managers within their organization. Both leaders and managers have authority, just different kinds. A manager is an administrator; they are in responsible for their employees, utilize their employees as a resource to accomplish the organization’s goals, and make decisions for their employees. A Leader does not make decisions for their employees; they simply create new guidelines by either leading by example of by encouraging a better way of completing everyday tasks. A manager manages people, leaders use their individual leadership style as a way to guide and encourage employees ...view middle of the document...

A manager will tell their employees to get the tasks accomplished and then check behind them. A manager can also be a leader and there are times when some people simply need to be managed and not led. All employees want and need to be motivated to ensure the tasks assigned to them are completed. Employees must also feel like they contribute to the overall success of the company.
The biggest one to me is integrity; a leader has to be trusted in order to successfully lead people. Once the leader is trusted they must have a vision on where the company and the employees being lead are going. Dedication is also needed because things will not happen overnight. A sense of humor will help reduce tension and to keep everyone focused on the tasks at hand. Having a sense of humor also helps keep employees motivated and dedicated. Leaders must also be fair when dealing with their employees, if they are not fair some employees will lose their trust in them. Openness is also needed; if a leader is not approachable employees will not be able to talk to the leader about their issues, future, and ideas. Being able to give credit to their employees is also needed. Giving credit where credit is due will bring the team together. Leaders must also accept fault when needed. Being humble will allow others to see that they are all equal. All these things work together to allow leaders to successfully lead.
A manager must have...

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