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Management Is Business Essay

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Management Is My Business

Course: MGT 330

Our five senses are essential to our everyday life. They help us navigate, explore and experience things that are new and common to us. Without them we would miss out on a lot of things in life and opportunities. Also, there are ways to overcome certain circumstances where as if one of our senses didn’t function properly, like a stuffy nose or watery eyes. The five functions of management are like our five senses in the business world. Without them, managers and teams all over the world would be clueless on how to manage an organization properly and effectively. If used properly they can lead to positive and ...view middle of the document...

Planning sounds like a simple concept, but when it comes to management planning is taken to a different level. It involves knowing your environment by analyzing the competition, creating goals that will benefit your organization, coming up with a plan to achieve your company’s goals and being able to budget your company’s funds to invest in your goals. Within our town we have a total of nine hotels. The hotels are located off the main highway on the north side and south side of town. My hotel is located on the north side with only one competitor next door. We compete with all the hotels in our town as well as county. The small city of Douglas is where everything revolves around and we are about one mile from the center of the city. With the hotel business the goals are complex, being that we aren’t franchised we have our own set policies and guidelines that are to be followed by the employees as well as their departmental guidelines. When we plan our goals for the year we compare last year’s figures, expenses and inventory to see where we can improve and make the necessary adjustments to our budget plan. Experts Reilly, Minnick & Baack state (2011), “Managers will engage in a variety of planning activities in the course of their work to achieve organizational or departmental goals”. Aside from the utilities, mortgage, licenses and taxes we figure in employee salaries, outside services, staffing/training, supplies and miscellaneous expenses. We even make business plans with the bar and restaurant as well as other local businesses and offer incentives to customers who use us for the services we provide. Also, we experience seasonal business traffic that we have regulars stop by during summer and holidays or reservations booked a year ahead. Planning also comes into play if we have to make adjustments in our staff due to lack of performance and w the job. So, we’ve discussed the planning function and how it helps in creating our budget, company policies and procedures, employment, as well as business collaborations. Next, we will cover how the organizing function contributes to my hotel.

The second function of management is organizing, and that consists of job design, departmentalization and creating an organizational structure. After we did some planning on how we are going to get this company started we had to set up a proper system of departments and positions within them. We are broken down into four departments and each department is run by a manager or supervisor. The staff positions we created are front desk clerk, housekeeping and maintenance. The management positions are carried out by my parents and me. My dad oversees the whole organization he’s pretty much the CEO. My mom manages the housekeeping department and inventory throughout the premises. I manage the front desk and maintenance departments. We then have two supervisors, one for the front desk and one for maintenance, they report to all three of us but most of the time I deal...

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