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Management Info System Essay

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BITP 2223 – Software Requirement and Design

Lab 1 Introduction to Software Requirement Objective To brief on project, deliverables and lab activities for the whole semester Learning Outcome 1. The students are able to propose a title for the software to develop. 2. The students are able to form a group and develop the team hierarchy with dedicated designation. 3. The students are able to describe the task for ...view middle of the document...

Activities In order to initiate the project, we have to set up a group with the dedicated team members. The contents of the proposed project includes as follows:Project Title: __________________________________ Group Name: ___________________________________ Introduction - What the organization do? - Who are the stake holders? - What are the business processes/functions? - Briefly describe the technique used to capture the stakeholder problem

Objectives - list at least 3 objectives

Lab 1

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BITP 2223 – Software Requirement and Design

Team Hierarchy

Role and Description

No 1.

Role Designation









Description 1. Description of designation 2. 3. 1. Description of designation 2. 3. 1. Description of designation 2. 3. 1. Description of designation 2. 3. 1. Description of designation 2. 3.

Requirement Elicitation Technique 1. 2. 3. 4. Describe and elaborate the selected requirement elicitation technique State the interviewed stakeholders Attach the interview questions Document the interview findings. 2 of 2

Lab 1

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