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One of the hardest things in running a smooth and efficient business and team, is having a good management style. In my opinion, I would even say that good management is the key to having a successful business or not. Producing good results is a direct result of good or bad management. If a manger has bad management style it will show in the negative results produced by his or her team. However, if a manager has good management techniques then it will produce positive results from the team. Having a good management style is not an easy thing to obtain and can be difficult for many managers.
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Each person works in a different way, and a manger should be willing to observe to learn what those ways are. If manager effectively observes and takes the time to really get to know how his/her employees work best, then a manger can create the optimal work environment. Being able to observe will help a manger to also make any necessary changes in order to help employees work better.
Through observation and listening the author points out how when an employee has lost motivation it could become an opportunity for improvement. The author points out how, “You can take advantage of this situation by tapping into each individuals personal drivers and working together toward a common vision.” Through the use of observation and listening a manager can take advantage and tap into the employee as the author points out in his statement. When a manager is observing that an employee has just lost all motivation, he can step in and use it to find out why the employee lost motivation and how to fix it. This is an opportunity for growth and a chance for the manager to improve the work ethic and motivation of the employee. An employee seeing how much a manager is willing to work with the employees will also send a good message to every employee. Overall listening and observing will always create a more enjoyable work environment.
Another point which the author makes is that through communication such as listening and observing, a manger creates the opportunity “to communicate to the team how the organization and its goals can help them reach their own goals”. Any...

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