Management Decesion Of Jindal Buttons Ltd

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Name of the Company

Jindal Polly buttons Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Founded by late Sh. Shah Ram Jindal in 1960 is a diversified group of manufacturing companies, producing steel pipes, metal strips, chemicals and polyester buttons and metal buttons in India.


Emerging as global suppliers of buttons of the highest quality.


Now Button Up The Best.

Management Decision

The company has a liaison branch office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The management of parent company has taken the decision of set the sales target of 5 million, but not Bangladeshi currency taka, in $.

Now how much it is feasible for a branch of Buttons manufacturing Company to achieve this apex sales target of $5 million in 2013 whereas it is only $3 million in 2012?

We say it is possible. How???

Reasons behind our assumptions

➢ Having a very strong Marketing team:

The marking department of a company plays ...view middle of the document...

It will certainly help to get most of the contract which will contribute to the high margin of $5 million.

➢ Dealing with world’s largest brands:

Jindal has its one of the competitive advantage is dealing with world’s most popular and largest brands such as American Eagle, Marks and Spencer , Migros, Nike, Ann Taylor, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, NEXT, Next, S.Oliver, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Kohl’s and so on. Definitely those companies will provide a huge chunk of revenue. Besides this it will attract the other buyer to work with Jindal who has some famous branded customers.

➢ Quality assurance with best production support:

Marketing department is working so well, they are bringing huge contracts from reputed brands but production is failing so in keeping trend with those contracts; this will certainly not going to help. So to avoid those situation Jindal buttons has some just in time production process. It gets its plastic buttons from India but produces its metal buttons from Hong Kong. It is more practical for them to collect the metal button from India also. So why they are producing buttons in Hong Kong? As the metal used as raw materials for making buttons are more long lasting as well as cheap than that of found in India. So they set their production plants in Hong Kong. It is surely a sign of high quality assurance. As producing two types of buttons in two different countries but in same region Jindal buttons is quite capable for performing according to its order with quality. Moreover for cost minimizing and best customer support Jindal button is establishing a new plastic button plant in Bangladesh; it will start its activities by this August. So it will not going to so difficult to gain this $5 million.

Jindal buttons is developing so rapidly by leaving its global footprint USA, UK, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc. It can be said that if they can able to keep going by uprising its values to its customer, what is $5 million, it would be greatest supplier of buttons. This day is not so far!!!

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