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Management Article Essay

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Introduction to Management
What are the shortcomings of present day management education? How can they be removed?
Management education as Master of Business Administration originated in late nineteenth century in USA when it industrialized and systematic approach to management was sought by most companies. In India management education started evolving with setting up of management institutes like IIMs and XLRI. Management education is now being also imparted by some of the engineering colleges in India. Management education has become a big and lucrative business. It has grown in USA from almost negligible 1322 MBA degrees being awarded in 1955-56 to 102,000 MBA degrees ...view middle of the document...

Another issue with the way management education is imparted in various business schools is that there is too little focus on developing leadership and interpersonal skills. One of the main qualities of being a good manager is that he should be able to lead his team well. He should lead his team through motivation and lead by example. But the course curriculum has no focus on developing these skills. Also there is no focus on developing communication skills at all. Communication skills which are of utmost importance in today’s business context are totally neglected in today’s management education.
Another major problem with business education today is the teaching methodology. One of the myths that surrounds teaching process in most business schools is that more teaching leads to more learning. It is believed that more number of teaching hours would lead to imparting of more knowledge to students there by making them think in a more structured and logical way. In today’s method of teaching students have a very less of responsibility towards their learning and when this happens their personal involvement in learning process becomes very less. Less interest and...

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