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Management Analyst Essay

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1. According to the systematic approach to managing diversity, recruitment and retention are a critical component of diversity management. Summarize the issues involved in recruiting and retaining a culturally diverse workforce. Regarding diverse employees and diverse employees and diverse markets, Canas and Sondak argue that better-performing companies may simply attract the best talent among all groups of workers. Explain the meaning, and discuss whether you agree disagree.
Recruiting and retaining a culturally diverse workforce are crucial components for an organization that wants to build and sustain a successful operation. Organization must identify and take necessary action to ...view middle of the document...

However, their primary focus should be recruiting and retaining the best qualified employees available.
2. In opportunities and Challenges of Workplace Diversity, Chapter 1 describes the integration-and-learning diversity management paradigm, and the systematic approach to managing diversity addressed in Chapter 3 is an expansion of this paradigm. Discuss the six diversity components and associated diversity initiatives that make up the systematic approach to diversity management. Why are these components important in managing diversity?
The six diversity components and associated diversity initiatives that make up the systematic approach
to diversity management are: (1) Leadership commitment – without leadership commitment, especially
at the highest level, diversity initiatives will fall short as leadership commitment is the
backbone for developing and sustaining a successfully diverse organization. Leadership commitment
must not only be on paper; it must also be reflected in the hands-on, personal involvement of
management, ensuring the board of directors and council reflect a clear representation of
the workforce as well as the organization’s external customers, and the financial support management
allocate to recruit and retain a diverse workforce; (2) Communication is a key component because is it
important for the management to clearly articulate the organization’s definition of diversity to include the
organization’s goals and vision as it relates to diversity; (3) Recruitment and Retention serve as a
measuring stick that gauges the success of an...

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