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Management 4 Functions Essay

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MANAGEMENT: Necessary Functions

University of Phoenix

Management: Necessary Functions
There are four main functions of management, these are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. An effective manager must be able to employ all these functions to be successful. It is also important to involve staff in decision making, this makes for more effective and efficient results. It is also imperative that you use these functions in all aspects of your career, one need not be in managment to employ these functions to be a more productive employee.
In my experience as a Medi-Cal (California's version of Medicaid) supervisor for the Transitional Assistance ...view middle of the document...

This is a requirement that had never been in place for citizens, they would now be required to provide legal copies of birth certificates or other legal documentation to be eligible to full Medi-Cal benefits.
My task was to implement procedures for the citizens that did not provide the required documentation. The first thing I did was to make a list of the different requirements and what the potential outcomes could be. I then made myself an agenda to attend the statewide county staff meeting that is held once monthly for the production developement units in California counties. On this agenda I organized my discussion topics to enable the counties to give me input as to what processes might work best for them. I also included potential questions that may be asked in order to have answers ready for those questions.
There were a great many changes that needed to be made, and other departments within the state were consulted and met with for their input. By delegating the task of describing the processes for each department left me with the time needed to put the information for implementation into an instructional format. The needed changes would affect departments such as billing, and computerized systems among others.
After the meetings I took all their suggestions and started my instructions and implementation guidelines. After instructions were completed and signed off by management within my department I sent them to the affected departments and the county production development departments for their input. After recieving all of their input and making various changes I sent them out for discussion at our next meeting. I brought the instructions to the next meeting of the county production development teams for discussion.
After everyone reviewed and accepted the procedures, they were published and distributed to every department head for distribution to their staff and to each county for implementation. Although this process took just over six months to bring us to a final product, it is a product that everyone had time to review, give input, and understand of the...

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